What Weapons Can A Felon Own?


What Weapons Can A Felon Own?

What weapons can a felon own? Residents of the United States must understand that they’ll lose certain rights when they’ve been convicted of a felony. Once this happens, you’ll lose your right to vote.

Plus, you’re going to lose your right to buy and own certain weapons. The risk of being caught with a firearm is extremely high. Once this happens, you’re going to face numerous penalties.

Suffice to say, it is wise to learn more about the laws to avoid getting into trouble. More about the weapons felons can own will be provided below.

What Weapons Can A Felon Own? – Breaking Down Your Options

What Weapons Can A Felon Own

Ultimately, felons should avoid getting caught carrying any weapons. Remember that certain weapons are forbidden.

For instance, a felon conviction will prevent you from owning any firearm, a Taser, stun gun, switchblade, butterfly knife, or clubbing instrument.

You don’t want to get caught possessing a dagger, sword, or dirk. Laws can also include other types of weapons. Just remember that you might be able to own certain weapons in private, but they cannot be carried in your car or the public.

It is pertinent to learn more about the laws to avoid facing stiff penalties. You also likely won’t be able to own body armor, but it depends on your crime. If you want to own a weapon, you should buy a stiletto, dirk, or dagger.

Just remember that the weapon can only be stored in your home. You’ll break the law by taking the weapon out of your residence.

You might be able to own and carry BB guns and airsoft rifles as well. You’ll have to be careful when carrying these items in public though.

Research the laws in your city and state to find out what you can and cannot do.

Which Weapons Can Lead To A Felon Being Arrested?

Felons have to be careful when buying and possessing weapons. If you get caught with certain weapons, you may end up going to jail. You can purchase and own a dirk, dagger, or stiletto.

These items can be kept in your home. However, you may get arrested if you’re caught with one of these items in public. Felons are not allowed to own body armor if they were arrested for an act of violence previously.

If you’re not sure what you can and cannot have, speak to your parole office or an attorney. They can give you more information about the laws in your area. Regardless, you don’t want to be charged with a felony charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Changes To The Laws

The laws regarding felony weapon ownership haven’t changed in many years. The last changes came when lawmakers added tasers and stun guns to the list. The number of felons arrested with felons is surprisingly high.

In Eugene, Oregon, the area experienced a 22% increase in felons being arrested with weapons. In 2016, there were 86 cases. The number jumped to 105 in 2017. The arrested individuals were carrying firearms and other restricted weapons.

Besides adding stun guns to the list, the laws in most areas have changed in roughly 20 years. Current laws prohibit felons from carrying firearms, switchblades, butterfly knives, daggers, dirks, and other weapons in public. As mentioned above, felons that were convicted of a felony act of violence cannot own body armor either.

Potential Laws Broken

What weapons can a felon own? You should never carry weapons that could get you into trouble. Avoid doing so by learning more about the laws in your area. Felons caught with forbidden weapons will get into trouble. Which law will you break?

Ultimately, it depends on the type of weapon that you’re carrying at the time. Depending on the weapon you have, you’re either going to be charged with felon in possession of a weapon or felon in possession of a firearm. The former tends to be worse than the latter, but both can lead to major issues.

They’ll be explored in greater depth below.

Illegal Possession Of A Firearm

Illegal Possession Of A Firearm

Felons caught with firearms are going to face stiff punishments. In many areas, this type of crime is classified as a second-degree felony. If you’re convicted, you’ll face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

In addition to this, you may have to pay a fine of up to $25,000. Again, you must remember that the laws and punishments vary from one area to another. The punishment is for Pennsylvania and other areas.

In Florida, a felon convicted of firearm possession will face up to 15 years in prison. As for the fine, Florida imposes a maximum fine of $10,000.

Furthermore, felons that were actually in possession of a firearm will face a minimum of three years in prison. The punishment is harsh so it is pertinent to follow the rules and avoid getting into more trouble.

Illegal Possession Of A Weapon

Being caught with a knife is different than being caught with a firearm. The punishments are going to be different as well. In most cases, this will be classified as a misdemeanor.

However, it can be upgraded to a felony in some cases. If you’re convicted of misdemeanor possession of a weapon charge, you will face a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

However, it is common for this crime to be upgraded to a felony. In particular, this happens when a felon breaks this law.

Once that happens, you’ll face harsher punishments. Again, it depends on the laws in your city and state.

Best Self-Defense Weapons For Felons

Felons have to be careful when purchasing weapons to defend themselves at home. They’re not allowed to buy firearms because they’re convicted felons.

Nevertheless, they can possess certain weapons if they’re kept in the home. You can buy a stiletto, dirk, or dagger.

Once you’ve purchased one of these weapons, you can use it in your home to defend yourself. Again, you cannot take the weapon into public. Once you’ve done that, you’re breaking the law.

You can own certain guns, but you cannot own conventional firearms. You can buy a BB gun, pellet gun, airsoft gun, crossbow, and a slingshot. You should be able to buy and possess these items in your home without complications.

Just remember that certain cities and counties have implemented laws to prevent felons from owning some of these weapons. Since you don’t want to get into trouble, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer before doing anything.

How Felons Can Protect Themselves

At the end of the day, the country is getting more violent. Crime is up across the board. Therefore, people of all backgrounds want to take steps to defend themselves from potential criminals.

If you fit into this category, you should learn how to defend yourself. Thankfully, there are several options. First and foremost, you should think about taking a self-defense class.

For instance, you can learn how to box or wrestle. You can also learn more about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It can be used to stop potential attacks. Learn more about the hand-to-hand combat techniques you can use to defend yourself.

Furthermore, you can try using other techniques. Install a security system on your home to alert the authorities when someone breaks into your home.

You can also use unconventional weapons such as daggers, dirks, and BB guns. Again, remember that some of these weapons shouldn’t be carried out of the home because doing so could lead to legal ramifications.


Felons need to take steps to defend themselves from potential invaders and attackers. Although you can’t own a firearm, there are other options. In some cities, felons can own BB guns and airsoft guns.

Furthermore, you can use security systems and daggers to defend yourself in your home. Just don’t carry this weapon out of your home because you will get in trouble if you get caught.