How to Write a Job Application Essay: An Ultimate Guide


How to Write a Job Application Essay: An Ultimate Guide

It’s quite common these days for employees to ask for a job application essay that will accompany their CV or application. The purpose of a job application essay is to make sure that an applicant has the correct communication skills which are necessary for the job. Occasionally, employers will provide you with a specific set of questions or a topic that your essay needs to answer. That said, you also may not be provided with this and may need someone to write your essay customized to your needs as you may not be confident doing it yourself if you are expected to create your own topic.  Regardless of the approach, you need to make sure that your application essay clearly states what skills and assets you possess and will benefit the company that you are applying to.

There are three main parts that you need to consider when writing a job application essay. These are: outlining your essay, creating your first draft, and completing your essay.

Outlining Your Job Application Essay

How to Write a Job Application EssayTo begin with, make sure that you have read the job listing thoroughly and understand your essay description. Your essay will need to answer any instructions or questions that your employer has stated and this is one of the main things that will be looked at from a job application essay.

If you don’t know much about the company, then it’s worth doing some research on the company before you start writing. Use the internet to research the company or alternatively visit the company’s website.

Whilst doing your research, write down anything that stands out. Remember you need to consider the skills that you possess that your employer is looking for. It’s likely that the person who is hiring for the role will look for these specific words in your job application essay.

If you come across anything that you’re unsure of when it comes to your job application essay or the job listing itself, make sure you contact the employee to get clarification.

The first thing you need to do is to point out your thesis statement for your theme.  If you have been told what your essay needs to be about then you need to make sure that you concentrate on this theme. if you haven’t been given a specific theme then consider something that is relevant to the position that you are applying for.

Once you have mentioned your thesis statement, you need to think about a few points that support your statement. Try and provide a specific example that backs up your point.

Creating Your First Draft

You need to begin with an introductory paragraph and the aim of this is to describe you and your job application essay. Perhaps start by introducing yourself and the position that you want to apply for. Next, talk about the theme or thesis of your essay. This part of your essay basically outlines what you’re going to write your essay about. Make sure you outline points that you will be talking about which back up your thesis statement or theme of the essay. It may be easier to actually write the introduction once you’ve completed the main body of your essay.

You need to make sure that you organize your essay logically. It is worth starting your essay with the points that you think are the strongest. If you have been told to follow a specific order, however, make sure you do this as this is what the employer is looking for when they read your job application essay. Your essay will need to be written in the first person.

You need to create transitions between your paragraphs. It may be that your points are not really related, but you will need to think of a way to move from one point to your next point.

The end of your essay should be used to summarize your essay. Your introduction told your reader what your essay was going to be about, so you’re closing needs to summarize what you have written about. You need to bring all the points that you haven’t mentioned back to your thesis statement or theme and then demonstrate how you have proven what you are saying.

Completing Your Job Application

You are now ready to proofread your essay and look for typographical, grammatical, and spelling errors. The style that you use in writing and the creativity that you display is not as important as creating an essay that’s mistake-free. Go through the essay slowly and look at each type of error, one at a time. For instance, look at the spelling first and read through the entire essay concentrating only on your spellings.

The great idea is to read your essay out aloud. By doing this you will focus on each specific word and this makes it easier to spot mistakes. You’ll also find that by reading out your essay you’ll be able to spot any parts that are difficult to read or awkwardly worded.

Check that your essay is the right length and if you’ve been given a limit, make sure you don’t exceed it. If you haven’t been told a specific length then it’s recommended that your essay is under two double-spaced pages.

Once you have done, print out your essay and read it for a final time. By reading a print version you are more likely to pick up any errors that you may have missed when reading it off your computer screen. Take your time when doing this to ensure that your essay is the best before you send it to your employer.