Does Whole Foods Hire Convicted Felons


Does Whole Foods Hire Convicted Felons

Felons’ struggle to land a job is no longer news. However, discrimination against people with a record is relatively low among grocery stores. Bagging food, stocking products – and the likes – and some opportunities open for felons.

Depending on your conviction, you can even get a cashier post. In this article, we will throw light on felons’ chances of getting a job at America’s leading organic food supermarket chain – Whole Food Market.

Whole Food Market is a market that promotes healthy eating. In its store, you’d only find locally sourced organic foods. For job seekers, you do be thrilled with the crop of charismatic employees on their row.

With barely 19 employees in 1980, the company has grown rapidly – currently boasts of over 90,000 workers in the US., Canada, and the UK. Whole Food Market has about 500 stores across these locations – more to open soon.

Interesting, right?

Now, let’s find out how felons can increase their chances of becoming a member of this promising team.

What Qualities Does Whole Food Seek In Applicants?

does whole foods hire felons

In a word – trust! Then, trustworthiness, care, self-awareness, hardworking, entrepreneurship, and other relevant skills. Their best picks are the candidate who is willing and able to handle the positions they applied for – when/if employed. If you have these characteristics, your felony records may no longer count.

How Often Do They Hire?

Practically every day! And with their rapid growth, this may not stop anytime soon. In fact, they look to open 1,200  stores in the United States alone.

What’s the Nature of Whole Food’s Interview?

Sadly their screening process may take as long as 60 days.  Here’s a breakdown of the process

  • Candidates application
  • Phone screening
  • Face-to-face interview with the hiring manager – and, sometimes, a recruiter
  • Speed meetings – several applicants take questions from a group, consisting of recruiters, managers, and employees.
  • Panel interview – one candidate faces a panel of interviewers.

Sounds rigorous? The aim is to find the best hands for the job. In the end, the company will be happy – and employees too.

Successful candidates will then face a team vote – depending on your position.  This creates a platform for employees to evaluate new employees’ performance.

New employees’ character will be critically examined during this period. If a particular new intake continuously displays an indispensable character or is unable to carry out their functions as expected, they may be voted out – after a series of warnings.

What to know before you apply to Whole Foods Market

apply to Whole Foods Market

Visit Whole Foods Market’s career page or staff blog To know more about whole foods job offers. So, before your interview date, do well to digest as much as possible about the company  – their mission and core values. Ensure your values and qualifications fit with their standard.

Do they require degrees?

Regardless of the position, you apply for – whether an entry-level post or a senior-level one. After all, John Mackey – Whole Food Market co-CEO – came out of the University of Texas without a degree. Also, Suzanne Britt who is, by degree, a certified health care manager, is an IT director at Whole Foods.

So, the whole foods market focuses on applicants’ experiences and skillsets developed over time – either from life experiences or education.

So, if you’ve been rehabilitated and have got some marketable skills, you may be a few steps away from getting a job at whole foods.

Interview Dress Code

Casual –  but smart and neat. Whole Foods do not encourage complex dressings. Even senior leaders come in casuals. We understand that you could be uncomfortable in a suit and a tie. Their hiring managers will not have you come in them too.

Do they conduct background checks on new employees?

Yes, they do. New employees are expected to undergo a Whole Foods Market background check. Whole Foods check goes 7 years into your records. They use SSN checks to trace old addresses and other records.

For drug tests, many reviews say – Read more at Does Whole Food Drug Test?

Do they hire people with convictions?

There’s a conflict on this matter. While some sources claim they do not hire felons, some employees say they got their jobs regardless of their convictions.

We believe Whole Foods’ policy on felons varies among locations. So a felon’s chances of getting a job at While Foods is largely dependent on the hiring manager. You can find out your background check status ahead of time from bgchecker.

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