Does Wendy’s Drug Test?


Does Wendy’s Drug Test?

When it comes to good mouthwatering food, Wendy’s is a good place to go. However, that’s not what it’s good at. It’s also a good place to consider if you’re searching for a job. Given that the company has a lot of branches, they also have a lot of job opportunities. Newly graduates who are yet to find a job may find it beneficial to consider working for Wendy’s. After all, being one of the biggest fast-food chains is not just a fluke.

However, those who plan to apply at Wendy’s and are also recreational drug users should be asking whether or not Wendy’s does drug tests. After all, getting caught off guard and suddenly being tested will surely result in a positive. That, then, is the time to bid farewell to a great job opportunity. Nobody really wants that to happen, right?

Some facts about Wendy’s

Wendy’s headquarters is located in Ohio. It was actually founded by a guy named Dave Thomas in Ohio. That was in 1969 and it is still there five decades after. We’ve already stated that there are numerous Wendy’s branches across the globe. To be exact, there are 6000 outlets spread in different countries across the continents.

Wendy’s offers similar jobs as the other major fast-food chains like McDonald’s and KFC. They are almost always hiring crew members. That is actually unsurprising since crew members consist of the bulk of the workforce. After all, cashiers, waiters, cooks, cleaners, drivers, and the like are all crew members. However, that doesn’t mean other jobs like the manager are not available. You do need to have the qualifications to apply for it, though. Plus, vacancies for managerial positions are fewer than crew member openings.

Wendy’s drug test policy 

Does Wendy's Drug Test

Getting tested during your application at Wendy’s depends on which state you are applying to. Some states require drug tests, while others don’t. Those that do, though, will ask for a sample of your urine. They usually test for the presence of THC, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and, basically, every other drug out there.

It goes without saying that testing positive will result in not getting hired. If abstaining from taking any sort of drug is inevitable, be sure to check if a drug test is compulsory before getting hired on your local Wendy’s.

How does Wendy’s hiring process work?

The first step of applying for Wendy’s is to fill out an application form. This can be done online or in the outlet. The second step is the interview. If you’re lucky, you can receive a call within the day. If you’re really really lucky, you can get hired right after the interview.

Just like the drug test, some outlets also require a second interview. To those especially unlucky guys, the whole process can take up to two weeks, give or take. If you don’t hear immediately, don’t take it to heart. Hearing the words “you’re hired” will be more pleasing to the ears, though.

Getting hired, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you can just go and work. You must first undergo video training, then you can work.

Do you need to undergo a pre-employment drug test?

First of all, there’s nothing much to worry about. The emphasis, not nothing much. Most states do not require obligatory drug testing. So, there’s really no need to go on full-on panic mode. However, it’s also important to note that some states do require drug testing. These states include North Carolina, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, among others. So do your own research first.

States like New York, New Jersey, and Florida have some weird things going on. Some say that it’s required, while others completely deny it. If you live in these states, you can either YOLO it or play it safe and abstain.

Of course, there is always the obvious choice of going to your local Wendy’s store and asking around. Maybe a friend of yours is working there or used to work there. They should be able to give a valid insight.

Do they do random testing?

Wendy’s usually don’t do those random drug tests, but be careful if you get in an accident while working. During such cases, you are most definitely gonna get asked for some urine samples. In addition to that, getting promoted means earning bigger and also getting tested. If you’re doing especially great and your gut says you’re getting promoted, Skip that joint.

It might also be of some worth taking note that Wendy’s primarily uses urine samples to test for the presence of drugs. They are basically sent to labs where the magic happens.

How can I pass a urine test?

Don’t fret though. There are some foolproof ways to increase your chances of getting through the hitch.

  1. If you’re just a casual smoker and doesn’t really take any high dose stuff, then it’s easier to get through. Consider abstaining for a few days and eat a healthy diet. In addition to that, detoxify your body by exercising and visiting the sauna. Sweat all those THC out. However, if you’re a heavy user. Then, there’s only one thing to do. Pray like your life depends on it. It takes one to three months to completely rid your body of any trace of marijuana.
  2. You may also opt to undergo a whole-body detox program. Something like the Toxin Rid program. There’s also the option of drinking some products like Mega Clean or Read Clean. That’s your choice to make.
  3. If all things still result in a positive when you test at home, you can try sending in a synthetic urine. This has very great risks, though. First, this only works if there is no supervision around. Second, you will be gravely punished if you get caught. If you’re willing to take the risks, then go ahead.


After this gamut of information, does Wendy’s do drug tests? Well, they actually, but not always. There are some states like Arizona, North Carolina, and Idaho that require obligatory testing. There are also states like Florida, New York, and New Jersey wherein we absolutely have no idea whether or not they do. Then the other states can be considered as safe zones. However, if you do get in an accident at work or are getting promoted, you’re definitely gonna get tested so watch out.

Other than that, we’d like to thank you for reading this article. We hope that we’ve equipped you enough to go through Wendy’s application. If you already did, we’d love to hear about how it went so please do share it with us in the comment section below. Others who will be reading it will most definitely benefit from it too!

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