Does Walmart Drug Test During Interview?


Does Walmart Drug Test During Interview?

Walmart Stores, Inc. is ranked the world’s biggest offline retailer – with a significant margin. As of January 2019, the massive retail outlet had established over 11,300 stores. And with their impressive employees’ package to over 2.2 million employees spread across its locations worldwide, Walmart is, indeed, the dream of every average job seeker.

However, to get on their payroll, you want to be sure about their stand on drug and alcohol use. For a clear view of Walmart’s drug and alcohol use guide, let’s briefly see their policies and its implication as an employee – or a prospect.

Typical of retail stores, Walmart workers are expected to engage customers, handle merchandise, and operate machinery and equipment within the company’s facility. To avert – or curb – accidents engage customers, some level of carefulness and competence is relevant.

How Does Walmart’s Drug Testing Work?

Drug Testing at Walmart

Walmart’s Global Statement of Ethics captures several aspects of the business’ values – including creating a drug- and alcohol-free workplace.

Walmart bans alcohol and drug use within its premises or the influence of such substances during work hours. Solicitation and possession of illicit drugs are prohibited as well.

This is – obviously – to guide against impaired judgment and performance.

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Here are some likely drug and alcohol tests at Walmart:

  • Pre-Employment Testing

At the initial interview stages, applicants do not undergo any drug test. Candidates who scale through the screening processes – and are deemed qualified to do the task – undergo a mandatory drug test before getting hired.

  • Random Testing

From time to time, Walmart conducts random drug tests. This is to ensure employees stay away from drug use – and abuse – during their time with the company. These tests are impromptu and at managements’ discretion.  So, workers ought to be vigilant through their time on the company’s payroll. Any drug test with a positive result may lead to immediate termination of an employee’s contract.

  • Suspicion Testing

At Walmart, workers are required to take a drug test when there are suspected of using illicit substances during work.

A manager or supervisor may probe for a test if a particular employee’s performance or overall behavior contradicts the norms and good indications point to the use of illegal substances.

  • Post-accident Testing

Pockets of accidents are norms in workplaces where merchandise is moved around – whether with machines or manually. To protect workers’ safety, management interest, and customer satisfaction, Walmart sees a drug test as a safety measure to reduce the chances of such avoidable accidents.

In cases of a work-related mishap, the company may conduct a drug test to ascertain if any substance use was responsible for the irregularities.

Applying for a Job at Walmart

Applying for a Job at Walmart

Before you get an offer from Walmart, be set for two interview sessions, background, and drug test. Both interviews may happen the same day, while Walmart gets the drug and background checks to result in about four working days. If your drug and background checks have nothing incriminating, you will get a job offer from Walmart.

Create an applicant account

If you have an existing account, simply login – otherwise, create a new account. Get your social security number handy when opening a new account.

Here’s a guide to completing Walmart Job application

  • You can withhold – or disclose – your ethnic group and gender
  • Get ready to answer when asked for proof of your Citizenship of the U.S or work eligibility in the US.
  • Select exactly where you wish to work – Sam’s Club, Walmart’s retail store, or its transportation and distribution.
  • Select the specific location or facility you wish to work in
  • Disclose contact details – name, phone number, email ID, and address.
  • State your work schedule availability
  • Offer reputable references
  • Fill your employment background of up to 10 years– former employers as well as start and end of contracts.
  • Sate relevant qualifications –or special skills – required to get the job done.

Filling Walmart’s’ Form

Candidates may either visit Walmart’s website and submit an application or a paper application at one of Walmart stores with a kiosk. On average, it would take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete and submit your application. After submission, you will get the schedule of your first interview from a phone call.

Your second interview

If you scaled through the first interview, you might get a second interview fixed for the same day. Typically, the manager – or hiring personnel – asks a handful of questions tied around your leadership traits and employment history. If the applicant convinces the manager, a drug and background check is fixed.

Drug and Background Check

Drug screening and background checks are expected within 24 hours. The location’s personnel department runs the test within the interview process. Failure to complete the drug test within the stipulated time frame – 24 hours – automatically annuls the interview process.

Sadly, the applicant will be temporarily banned from applying to Walmart jobs for –at least – one year. Paperwork of background checks ought to be turned on the same day with the drug test schedule.

Employment offer review

Fix an appointment to review your provisional employment offer. You’d usually get a call from the hiring manager to fix a time to evaluate the job offer – after a successful background and drug test check.

During the meeting, the personnel manager gives in-depth details of the offer – remuneration, routine work schedule, and other relevance.

If the terms are convenient enough for the applicant, the process automatically leads to the last stage.


If you’re here – congrats. New-hire training and orientation are the next – and final – the stage of your recruitment process at Walmart. Here, fresh employees are put on a 90-day probation. Attendance and performance are accessed at the end of the probation before candidates are finally approved for permanent employment.

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You will have to complete a questionnaire. Here, you’d be required to fill your age, and state whether or not you have any conviction – theft, violent crime, fraud, etc. – on your records.

You will say whether you be available for weekends and evening/night shifts as well as whether you prefer to work part-time, full-time, or temporarily.

You will also fill in your highest educational qualification, whether you’re currently studying, the least acceptable remuneration for the offer, employment history, if your former employees are reachable, how soon you can pick up the role assuming you got the slot, and some other queries that confirm whether you’re eligible for federal tax credits.

Wrapping Up (does Walmart drug test stockers)

Do you envisage working with Walmart? Thumbs up – this, indeed, may turn out the best decision you ever made.

As the world’s largest private employer, largest offline retailer, they, obviously, have a name to uphold. Hence, to protect and promote their business ethics and workplace values, Walmart may subject employees to drug tests.

Perhaps not a pre-employment test, be ready to take a test at the end of the screening process – before you get hired.

Employees may also undergo random impromptu tests at managers’ discretion.

Drug testing procedures, however, widely vary across branches.

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