Does US Bank Do Background Check?


Does US Bank Do Background Check?

Does US Bank background check new hires? “U.S. Bank” was established in 1863, when then-President Abraham Lincoln signed the financial institutions’ national bank charter. US Bank has come a long way in the American financial industry. The financial institution has grown from a few employees and customers to about 70,000 workers and millions of customers.

With over 2,000 branches spread across the United States, US Bank is one of the most prominent financial institutions in the United States.

US Bank Background Check

In 2016, US Bank “U.S. Bancorp” reported $5.8 million in net income and $3.24 million in diluted earnings per common share. In 2020, the net income had dropped to $4.9 million and diluted earnings per common share to $3.06 million.

Current CEO Andy Cecere receives guidance from a 14-member committee, focusing on 4 basic business principles:

  • Wealth Management & Investment Services
  • Corporate & Commercial Banking
  • Consumer & Business Banking
  • Payment Services

US Bank is a publicly traded financial institution. The Board of Directors has 13 members that govern US Bank. The firm stepped up to assist in the COVID-19 financial relief effort, approving 108,000 small businesses for Paycheck Protection Program “PPP” loans.

In 2021, The Ethisphere Institute awarded US Bank with the World’s Most Ethical Companies award. The financial institution has received the award 7 years in a role. The same year, Business Insider Intelligence rated US Bank’s mobile app as being the best for “customer service”.

Why A US Bank Career?

There is no doubt, working at US Bank is a rewarding career. Just ask the thousands of current employees what they think of their employer. Most will agree, US Bank is one of the top employers in the American financial services industry.

US Bank careers are very rewarding. Each employee can live up to his/her best potential. Growing within the company is never an issue at US Bank. Start at the bottom, working your way up to a top position, with dedication, hard work, and determination.

As a top US employer, US Bank provides its employees with the tools, personal support, incentives, and resources to exceed on all levels.

U.S. Bancorp careers are broken down into various categories, including digital and technology. The firm is currently looking for highly talented professionals to fill branch manager, recruiter, telecommute, check deposit processing, staff auditor, instructional designer, and salesforce marketing.

US Bank Employee Diversity

US Bancorp has one of the most diversified workforces in the American financial services industry. The institution claims to have a workforce comprised of 68.2 percent white, 9.7 percent Asian, 9.8 percent African American, 9.1 percent Hispanic, 0.4 percent Native American, 0.3 percent Pacific Islander, and 2.5 percent other races.

The workforce is comprised of 57.2 percent female, according to the U.S. Bancorp Workforce Demographics (U.S.) report.

US Bank Employee Benefits

Getting a job at US Bank will prove to be well worth it in the long run. It is best to have a clean criminal record. As long as you do, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the job. If you manage to get employment with US Bank, you’ll receive access to many excellent employee benefits, including health and wellbeing perks.

You’ll be able to sign up for certain health plans and coverage levels. You’ll also have benefits that can help you guarantee your retirement and financial security. US Bank offers a handful of time-off programs and other resources to ensure you maintain a healthy work and personal life balance.

The employer also offers benefits so you can further your education and development. More importantly, US Bank offers stable employment with an excellent salary.

Getting A Job With US Bank

Once you’ve confirmed that you’d like to work for US Bank, you need to find out how to apply. Thankfully, it won’t be difficult. All you must do is visit the company’s website. Once you’ve done that, you can search for jobs in your area or elsewhere.

The company regularly hires branch managers, accounting specialists, operations managers, and premier client relationship consultants. Once you’ve found a position that matches your experience and qualifications, apply for it online.

If the company is interested, they’ll get in touch with you. You’ll have to schedule an interview and get your background checked. After the interview, you may receive a job offer. If so, you’ll have to take a drug test. If everything goes well, you will likely receive the job.

Who Won’t US Bank Hire?

Again, US Bank conducts background checks to find out who to hire. It will not hire people convicted of certain crimes. For instance, US Bank is not going to hire people convicted of theft, extortion, forgery, or embezzlement.

When you work at a bank, you’re going to be trusted with handling a lot of money. If the bank finds out that you’ve been convicted of forgery, it may believe you’re not trustworthy enough. Your criminal history can indeed stop you from getting a job with US Bank and other banks.

Plus, you’re going to be working with the public. The company usually won’t hire violent felons.

Will US Bank Hire Felons?

Will US Bank Hire Felons?

As a felon, it is going to be harder to get a job. Nevertheless, some companies are willing to give you a second chance. Being a felony doesn’t eliminate your chance of getting a job at US Bank, but it reduces it significantly.

Once you’ve been convicted of a felony crime, the chance of getting a job with US Bank will be significantly lower. As mentioned above, the company isn’t going to hire people convicted of financial crimes.

Bank employees are dealing with lots of money day in and day out. Therefore, they must be trustworthy individuals. Even if you are, a forgery conviction tells the employer otherwise.

Individuals interested in getting a job at a bank should maintain a clean criminal record.

Do US Bank Do Background Checks?

Working at a bank requires a lot of control and patience. If you’re going to get a job with US Bank, you’ll have to complete the pre-employment background check process. Remember that it will include a background check and possibly a credit check.


US Bank is an excellent employer since it offers great wages and excellent benefits. As an employee of US Bank, you’ll receive access to medical, dental, vision, and hearing coverage. You’ll also play an important role in the community.

FAQs on US Bank Background Check

What Kind Of Background Check Does A Bank Do?

Banks must hire trustworthy individuals because they’re going to be handling money. Therefore, they tend to have stricter background check policies. Banks will use criminal history checks to search for convictions that relate to Section 19.

What Disqualifies You On A Background Check?

Ultimately, it depends on the position you’re trying to get. When getting a job at a bank, they’ll check for theft, fraud, and embezzlement charges. These convictions and others will get you qualified.

What Disqualifies You From Working At A Bank?

If you want to work at a bank, you’ll need a good criminal record. Banks tend to avoid hiring people who’ve been convicted of fraud, embezzlement, theft, and other financial crimes. They’ll also disqualify people convicted of violent crimes.

Does US Bank Run A Credit Check For Employment?

US Bank will likely run a credit check on someone before hiring them. When you work at a bank, you’re going to have access to large sums of money. Therefore, the company will make sure you have and maintain a high credit score.