Does Transam Trucking Hire Felons?


Does Transam Trucking Hire Felons?

One of the toughest things for a felon is to be embraced by society once he’s released. Aside from the stigma and judgmental glances from neighbors, it’s also hard to land a decent job that would accept you for your skills and turn a blind eye to the mistakes of the past.

Fortunately, more and more companies are helping felons back into society by providing them with jobs without any form of judgment. These companies believe that felons deserve a second chance at life within society and try to see the best in everyone.

One such company is Transam Trucking. In this article, we’ll share everything we know about this company, and to ultimately answer the golden question: does Transam Trucking Hire Felons?

Who is Transam Trucking?

Transam Trucking

Transam Trucking is a company that hauls temperature-controlled freight in a large portion of the United States. It was established in 1987 with a humble facility located in Kansas City, Missouri. At that time, the company was only running around 70+ tractors and 100+ trailers.

Because of its dedication towards providing superior services to its clients, coupled with the investment in technology, Transam Trucking now operates over 1,100 tractors and more than 2,000 trailers. At present, it serves the Southeast, Northeast, Mid-South, and Midwest areas of the United States.

Aside from its Kansas City facility, Transam Trucking now has its headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. In Rockwell, Texas, the company operates a driver’s center, a maintenance facility, and a fully-staffed terminal to cater to its clients’ needs. And in Tampa, Florida, the company operates a maintenance and orientation facility.

Thanks to its dedication, investment in technology, and passion for the environment, Transam Trucking is slowly growing into one of the nation’s best freight businesses. In fact, it is recognized as a premier carrier when it comes to temperature-controlled freight carriage – and that alone is a truly impressive feat.

Job Opportunities at Transam Trucking

Being engaged in the temperature-controlled freight industry, jobs offered by Transam Trucking revolve mostly around positions for drivers. Nevertheless, it also offers opportunities for technicians, management trainees, and other office work.

And since it operates in a large area of the country, you know that this is a company that will help you grow professionally.

Does Transam Trucking Hire Felons?

does transam trucking hire felons
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With that out of the way, let’s now go into the main question: does Transam Trucking hire felons? The answer to this is in the affirmative.

Fortunately, Transam believes in equal opportunities for all without discrimination. And while they ask if you have a previous record, this does not automatically mean that you are disqualified.

But considering that the company offers freight carriage, they prefer drivers who do not have DUI convictions in the last two years. They also prefer applicants who do not have reckless driving violations in the past five years before submitting your application.

Aside from those mentioned above, the company also states that the following are required for those applying as drivers:

  • The applicant must have a class A commercial driver’s license or CDL-A. Since you will be driving a variety of trucks and trailers, then it’s only necessary that you have a driver’s license that’s considered universal or one which can be used for driving a variety of vehicles;
  • The applicant must not have more than one preventable accident in the last six months, no more than two preventable accidents in the last 12 months, and no more than three moving violations in the past three years;
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old; and
  • The applicant must submit himself to DOT physical and drug screening.

Looking into these requirements closely, this only reflects how the company wants to make sure that the driver it hires won’t cause any traffic-related accidents. The safety of the cargo is of the utmost importance, and it shows in the rigid qualifications set by Transam Trucking.

But as to other felonies not stated above, it is clear that the company is willing to give felons a second chance at life.

Transam Trucking Hiring Process

Transam Trucking Hiring Process

If our discussion above has encouraged you to apply for a job at Transam Trucking, then the next step is to determine how the application process goes.

Thanks to the Internet, applicants can easily have access to the company’s main website. From here, you simply click on the “Careers” tab and you will be redirected to the page containing all the information you need to apply. If you feel like you meet all the qualifications, then simply click on the “Drivers Apply” link and you will be redirected to the company’s recruitment page for drivers.

In case you do not wish to apply as a driver, click on “I’m a shop or office applicant”, and you will be similarly redirected to the recruitment page for non-driver positions.

On the recruitment page, you will be asked to enter your details to complete your registration. Doing so will help you keep track of the progress of your application and be informed of any new openings.

In filling out your application, make sure to be completely honest. Transam Trucking, just like all companies, conduct background checks. To avoid being marked as dishonest, you have to make sure that you fill out the details to the best of your knowledge.

Like most companies, Transam Trucking also interviews those who have successfully passed the initial screening process. For this stage of the application procedure, we advise arriving on time, wear the proper attire, be respectful, and make sure to answer questions honestly. It also helps to study more about the company to impress them.

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Transam Trucking Pay and Employee Benefits

Transam Trucking is known for being a great employer. The company knows how to take care of its employees, and it shows through competitive salaries, paid time off, a 401(k) retirement plan, and optional medical, dental, and life insurance plans. These alone are enough to get you started on your new life.

For some positions, the company also offers other bonuses such as a sign-up bonus and a monthly retention bonus.

All things considered, felons should no longer be afraid of embracing their new lives. There are employers, such as Transam Trucking, that welcome them with open arms.