Does Starbucks Drug Test?


Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Starbucks has gained widespread popularity across America and beyond. The coffee chain has locations spread in and out of the United States, making it easy to secure a nearby outlet.

That said, securing a job can be a huge challenge for recreational drug users, as most employers run pre-employment tests on applicants.

About Starbucks

does starbucks drug test

Founded in 1971, the Seattle-based company has recorded exponential growth since creation.

With over 31,256 store-count across the world and its 26.51bn USD revenue, Starbucks boasts of the biggest coffee store chain globally.

So, it’s most likely you’re surrounded by a crop of Starbucks locations.

A 2019 Forbes report says Starbucks has and maintains over 291,000 employees across 76 countries. No doubt, Starbucks is one of the highest employers of labor.

Starbucks offers a wide variety of vacancies. The chances are that you’d get a position that suits your experience and interest.

Among others, barista vacancies are most common.

Applicants with better experience may seek the position of a branch manager or shift worker.

Higher degree holders may prefer a post at corporate headquarters in Washington – Seattle.

Starbucks Drug Test Policy

Starbucks has a stellar reputation to protect and sustain. They wouldn’t want to lose all that prestige because a worker got high and ruined stuff at work.

Although they seldom do, Starbucks could get pretty strict on drug use concerns when the company’s goodwill is staked.

As expected, Starbucks expects workers to keep off drugs before, during, and after the employment process.

Typically, Starbucks tests for barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, opioids, and more.

Testing positive to any of these drugs may cause dare consequences –  may get you fired.

Starbucks Pre-Employment Drug Testing

While Starbucks claims to drug test, they do not follow this policy to the letter.

So, recreational users have a good chance of getting hired at Starbucks since their drug use status may not determine their employability.

One’s chances of getting a job are based on one’s performance at the interviews.

We, therefore, advise that you stay off drugs on the scheduled interview date. This may, in the least, affect your performance and reduce your chances of grabbing the job.

Any Random and Pre-Promotional Tests?

starbucks Pre-Promotional Tests

Although Starbucks reserves the right to conduct random employee drug tests whenever they deem fit, they rarely ever do.  In fact, some workers say the company may not even bother for a test even after a ‘suspicious’ accident.

This leniency has made Starbucks a favorite among job-seeking drug users.

However, getting stoned to work is not a nice idea, as you may get fired – or face other consequences.

Starbucks doesn’t seem to drug test employees before issuing promotion. Whether you a managerial position or anticipate a promotion, Starbucks will most likely not drug test you.

Types of Drug Tests at Starbucks

As mentioned, Starbucks conducts drug tests on rare instances. Urine test is, however, preferred in such conditions.

Applicants submit urine samples in a collection cup. The samples are taken to a third-party partner lab for analyses. The lab, after a couple of days, delivers the test result to Starbucks.

Using Prescription Drugs

If you use prescription drugs – no worries. Prescribed drugs won’t make anyone fail a drug test.

You may, however, have to pre-inform your prospective employers about your prescriptions, and a likely positive result.

Perhaps, offer them your doctor’s contact for confirmation of such prescriptions.

Noteworthily – You are not obliged to disclose the exact medications or ailment for which you take them. Such information is confidential and must not be shared – not even with an employer.

Starbucks Hiring Process

Starbucks’ hiring process isn’t rocket science. Applications may be submitted online or in-person at a branch.

However, online applications are best recommended. The online system automatically submits individual applications to locations closest to their residence.  This increases your chances of getting hired somewhere not far from home.

Conversely, imagine applying to a location that has no vacancy. So, it’s fair to say online application increases one’s luck in landing a job.

Applicants are scheduled for an interview after the online application. While some locations grant a single interview, others conduct two interviews.

No worries though, the interview is a cakewalk. The questions are better termed ‘common sense’ queries.

Following the interview(s), you will receive a call on the result. If successful, Starbucks may require a background check.

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Preparing for Starbucks Interview

For the Starbucks interview, a dressing that tilts toward ‘formal’ is ideal. Presentable skirts or dress slacks and fitting tops – such as conservative tops or button-down shirts – are the choicest interview dress codes. Also, ensure to show up properly groomed, and exuding confidence.

Your abilities and personalities will also increase your chances of getting hired at a café.

Dig more into the company info before the scheduled interview. You may also work out some relevant questions to ask the HR manager, which will show an interest and willingness to add value to the company.

How Soon Does Starbucks Drug Test Result Show Up?

Results are usually issued a few days after sample collection. However, Starbucks may sometimes generate results on the same day.

Generally, negative results are released faster – typically, in 24 hours. If the first test comes out negative, the sample is retested. This may cause up to a week’s delay.

Will I know if I passed Starbucks Drug Test?

The lab sends you a copy of the test result while Starbucks gets the other. In most cases, the results are sent to the applicant by mail, and Starbucks gets theirs by fax or courier.

If you can’t wait all the time for your mail, you may contact the HR department two or three days following the test to find out the result.

What if I fail Starbucks Drug Test?

Applicants who fail the Starbucks drug test automatically ruin their chances of getting hired. A failed on-the-job drug test may terminate a job offer.

Can I Reapply After a Failed Drug test?

No specific information from Starbucks on this. But, as with most companies, you may be eligible to reapply in 6 months.

Any work-age limitations at Starbucks?

Most positions at Starbucks has a 16-year minimum age requirement. However, some stores prefer persons 18 and above.

How Much Can I Make at Starbucks?

Baristas, for instance, earn between 10 and 15 USD hourly. Besides the reasonable pay, workers also get health care and other welfare packages.

What do I need to get a Starbucks job?

Besides the 16-year age benchmark, you need no special requirements. Starbucks hires practically anyone – from veterans to military spouses, college students, and even refugees.

How Can I Pass Starbucks Drug Test?

Light and moderate substance users may not have issues passing a drug test with some detox drinks handy.

Frequent users will, however, face more difficulty. Hard users may need to abstain for one or two months before the test.


Starbucks offers a conducive working environment and a reasonable workers’ package. The company is staff-friendly and has locations spread across and outside the United States.

There’s most likely a Starbucks shop near you.

Does Starbucks drug test?

Yes. Starbuck drug test, but on rare occasions.

Thankfully, your drug use status may not hinder your chances – because, in most cases, they really don’t care, until they find a need to.