Does Sprint Hire Felons? Will Sprint Hire me with a misdemeanor?


Does Sprint Hire Felons? Will Sprint Hire me with a misdemeanor?

It’s always a herculean task for a felon to establish himself in the mainstream society after he is released from prison. The society is usually biased about ex-offenders for natural reasons which make the journey real tough. One of the most effective ways to gain a respectable position in the community is to find a job. But we all know, employers are not always keen to recruit a person with past criminal history.

However, there are still some companies that are ready to work with felons. The telecommunication industry has been really welcoming to felon-applications who had the zeal to change themselves for better. Sprint is one of the most esteemed names when it comes to the leading telecommunication companies. Anybody who is looking for a job in the said industry would prefer to apply in Sprint.

Now, that leads us to the prime question- Does Sprint recruits felon-applicants?

Well, the post below will shed some light about whether or not Sprint is flexible to work with ex-offenders.

Why seek job in Sprint?

Does Sprint Recruit Felons

A name of huge repute across the American telecommunications scene, Sprint is the 4th biggest mobile phone network operator in the country. The company extends wireless services including wireless messaging, voice as well as broadband services via its huge network of subsidiaries. And yes, Sprint is liberal enough to recruit felons on its workforce. However, it’s to note here, we can’t say for certain that each Sprint location is felon-friendly. Whether a Sprint office would recruit a felon, depends entirely on the due diligence of that particular location. But overall, Sprint is known to extend employment opportunities to ex convicts.

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There are various job positions you can apply for at Sprint. The company recruits potential applicants in different sectors such as corporate, sales, technology, call center and so on. Sprint also has positions for students and graduates where young felon-applicants may apply.

Sprint is known for excellent packages and perks. All full-time & even some of the part-time staff are awarded with paid holidays and paid time-off. Then, as a Sprint employee, you will enjoy completely free of charge wireless service. Additionally, the company offers discounted rates on wireless services for the family members & friends of its employees. Sprint does care for its employees and even extends wellness programs which provide financial, social, health and community coaching.

The application process

Sprint posts jobs on its official website whenever there is a vacancy. If the job requirement suits your profile, you can apply for it and submit interest. You will be asked some basic stuff like your academic qualification and professional experience. The entire process of submission will take something like 10 minutes. It’s to note here that some job positions may call for online assessment prior to getting to next step.

If you are shortlisted, you will be contacted by the Sprint HR manager for an in-person or phone interview. For some positions, the company may ask for a 2nd or 3rd round of interview as well. If you clear the interview, you will be asked for background check & drug screen test. The entire process will take around 3 to 5 days. Even if you score high in the interview, you won’t be selected in the Sprint team if you can’t clear the background check.

After you are selected, the company will discuss with you its pay packages & perks.

Don’t worry, just because you carry a dark past, that doesn’t mean you will be ticked out the background check only. As mentioned previously, Sprint does recruit felon-applicants. But to recruit, the company needs to gain trust in you as a changed man.

Guidelines followed by Sprint while hiring felons

Does Sprint hire ex-Felons

Sprint follows an extensive evaluation procedure while hiring felons. The leading telecommunication company maintains a case-by-case evaluation when it comes to recruiting an ex-offender into its workforce.

There are different aspects which Sprint checks while recruiting an ex-convict to ensure a safe recruit. The main thing that the company checks is surely the timespan between the applicant applying for job & getting released from prison. It’s to note here if the applicant shows a criminal record or felony in last seven years, he won’t be selected. The bottom-line is you have to show a clean record after completing your sentence to land a job here.

The type of crime committed is another major consideration here when it comes to recruiting a felon in the workforce. The company is especially concerned about those who had to serve prison for drug-related crimes. A thorough drug-screen test is taken on all felon-applicants. You have to pass it in flying colors to secure a job at Sprint. The company is against recruiting applicants who cannot get through the drug screening test.

Sprint offers opportunities to those felon-applicants who have actually been proactive in leading a changed life after getting released from prison. The company wants employees whom it can trust. You will be asked about your felonies and other related questions during the interview, evaluation and assessment rounds. You should be honest about each and every answer that you give. If you lie, Sprint may found out soon through its vast connections. So, don’t try to conceal any controversial detail about yourself. In fact, if you are honest and truthful, you will earn the respect of the company from the very first day.


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Steps to take to gain credibility

It’s hard to find a job when you carry a dark past. But still when some employers have the good sense to offer opportunities to ex-offenders, the felon-applicant too should make the most of that opportunity. You will have to prove to Sprint that you have actually taken positive steps to rectify yourself and now you are a rectified man who can be trusted with job responsibilities.

You can go for re-entry programs to heighten your chances in the job market. You should also stay away from anything that led you to prison in the past. You have to eliminate all risks and associations that may take you back to your grim life in the past. Then, if needed, you may have to go to rehab centers and take professional counseling.

Additionally, you should put serious efforts to expunge your records. Sprint or any company out there will generally prefer to work with felon-applicant with expunged record.

Family support is very crucial

It’s a mammoth task to make a place in the mainstream society after one comes back from the prison. Your community may not be kind to you because of the dogma & stigma around regarding the offenders. This is where family support becomes crucial. As humans we all are flawed and we do commit mistakes which sometimes get very serious. But when a person has already acknowledged his mistakes and served his sentence, his family members should embrace him with open arms. Without the support of near & dear ones, it will be difficult for the person to find a solid footing and gain a respectable position in the society. It’s the family members who have to come forward to motivate the person to work towards a changed life.