Does Old Navy Drug Test?


Does Old Navy Drug Test?

Old Navy is one of the most popular and biggest clothing retail stores in America. The company was founded in 1994 and owned by Gap Inc.

The retail store has over 1100 stores across America, and it is one of the most favored stores for many shoppers for clothes, accessories. If you’re wondering about job information for applying, you’ve come to the right place.

At Old Navy, you have several job options whether entry-level such as salesperson, cashier, stocker, or even management jobs at the company’s HQ in San Francisco, California.

Because it has so many branches, you’re likely to find one in your area so you don’t have a long drive or commute to work.

Does Old Navy Drug Test New Employees in 2022?

Does Old Navy Drug Test New Employees

You’re probably wondering “Do you have to pass a drug test for Old Navy?”  In most cases, employers will make you take a drug test to ensure a safe environment and to avoid any legal issues that might arise from the employees being under the influence. In almost all employment contracts, a clause giving the company the right to conduct a drug test will be present.

During the hiring process, failing a drug test is a surefire way to not get the job. Similarly, failing a random drug test while under a company’s employment could very well mean termination.

That being said, however, it seems like Old Navy is more relaxed when it comes to drug testing. Most employees have agreed that Old Navy does not do any kind of drug test, but they do conduct background checks. Drug use as part of the background check could still show, and diminish someone’s chances at employment.

This does not mean that Old Navy doesn’t have a drug policy, as they do have a no-drugs policy, like most companies, but they don’t seem to put it into effect with testing. The company still reserves the right to conduct a test, even if they haven’t before.

Companies will hold the right to a random drug test, in case an employee exhibited suspicious behavior. Failing a drug test is bad news, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Another test that companies are more than likely to do is the workplace accident drug test, which is conducted following an accident where an employee might have been on drugs. This clears up a liability on either the employer or employee, depending on the results of the test.

What about the managerial positions? It seems they might require any drug testing if you’re working at the HQ. The only way to actually pass a drug test is to not do drugs.

While some abstain from usage for a few days before the test, it can still reveal up to 90 days ago of substances in your blood.

Abstaining from drugs shouldn’t allow me for interviews, as maintaining a secure and nice environment is a must.

What’s The Pre-Employment Drug Test?

What’s The Pre-Employment Drug Test?

The pre-employment drug test takes a sample of your hair, saliva, or most commonly, urine. The sample is sent to a lab working with the company, and the results usually come back in a few days. The pre-employment test is part of the hiring process, and usually means you’re in.

The random drug test is the scariest one, as there is no room for errors. A company could suddenly ask you to take a drug test, and failing the test will give you a high chance of being fired.

The accident drug test might be your most likely option for Old Navy, as this one is more convenient for any accident around the workplace.

Old Navy Hiring Process

With the jobs there, you’re looking at the full-time 9 hours. At first, you must be at least 16 and able to work directly at the store. As per the application process, you can apply for any position you want online like here.

Application is done online, you’ll likely have to go to your nearest branch first for the interview and then the training process.

With Old Navy, you’re looking at so many different career options such as cashier, salesperson, stocker, brand associate, key holder, in the entry-level department.

With the management department, there are also several good chances. If you’re not a fan of applying online, you can print out the application form and give it yourself to the nearest branch.

As with any retail store, keeping a positive attitude and being helpful is the best thing to deal with customers, even if they’re being a little hard. This is why a drug-free environment is ideal, even if they don’t drug test.

How Do I Apply For Old Navy?

You can search for jobs on their website here, and then you’ll be directed to not one but two interviews. Your first interview might be a group one, and the second interview is the one that’s really going to decide.

The entire hiring process could take about a week, which is less than other companies. In the interview, you can expect to be asked about experience in the field, skills, and what would make you an asset.

Once you’re in, you begin your training, Of course, the management positions are harder to get into, but worth it in the long run.

With Old Navy, you’re actually promised benefits such as medical insurance, vacations, life balances, and even comfortable retirement plans. If it’s the holiday, you may be looking at an easy experience to get into.

The minimum wage or salary of each individual is different. An associate could be making $9 an hour, while managers have the opportunity for over 60,000 dollars a year.

In conclusion, Old Navy is a simple enough place to start working in. Whether it’s entry-level or management, it’s unheard of that they do conduct blood tests.

Whether it’s pre-employment or random, Old Navy does not conduct drug tests. The lack of a drug test does not encourage it, however, as abstaining from drugs is important for any position.

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