Does McDonald’s Drug Test Their Employees?


Does McDonald’s Drug Test Their Employees?

Founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, McDonald’s has been around since 1940. Currently, McDonald’s serves about 69 million customers via about 38,000 restaurants spread across 120 countries globally.

Also, According to Worldatlas, with over 1.7 million-workforces, the franchise company ranks fourth on World’s Largest Employers list with over 1.7 million-workforce. More so, if their employees’ welfare scheme is as promising as they claim, then who wouldn’t want a job at McDonald’s?

Of course, several questions on Mc’s employment procedures. Predominant, among many other questions we receive, is ‘Does McDonald’s Drug Test?’

Do you wonder the same? Read on to find out – and even more about McDonald’s drug test policy.

Does MC Donald conduct Drug Test for their employees?

Does McDonald's Drug Test Their Employees?

McDonald’s code of conduct for employees discourages the use or possession of illicit drugs within the workplace. Working under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, and other substances that hinder smooth operations and efficient performance are highly prohibited. Employees who violate these regulations may face applicable sanctions.

Typically, managers keep an eye on employees for any irregularities – In daily conduct and performance. In most cases, they are made to take a drug test whenever there are suspicious moves. Based on their prerogative, McDonald’s may subject workers to scheduled or random drug tests.

If on any medication, do well to inform management before your test. They may consult your physician for confirmation of your acclaimed prescription. However, they have no right to query the particular drug prescription you’re on or the ailment for which it was prescribed. So, if you’re, genuinely, on some prescription Meds, no worries – it won’t get you fired.

As part of her promotion process, a drug test might be conducted. But since people hardly stay long enough with McDonald’s, promotions are hardly ever done. But if you’re due for promotion to a managerial rank, then you’d need a drug test.

Typically, employees – or prospects – seeking to land managerial positions are tested for drug use.

If the result of prospective employees’ test shows positive for any of the specific drugs tested for, it ruins your chances of getting hired. For already employed workers, a positive result will likely get you fired – and ineligible for re-employment.

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Do they conduct pre-employment drug tests?

During your paper application, employees are made to sign, agreeing to the company’s random testing for drug use. At some McDonald’s locations, you’d see an inscription that clearly states that all applicants are tested for drug use.

That said, the drug tests are not conducted before or during the interview process. Rather, – more often – a case-to-case-based test is conducted. Criteria for these tests may, however, vary from state to state. For instance, we got – unconfirmed – reports from Winston that you might have to go through a drug test before being hired.

We, generally, recommend that you do a little asking around about your preferred McDonald’s branch to figure out what applies there – and what doesn’t.

We still posit that with McDonald’s massive employees’ turnover, a pre-employment drug test may be time-zapping and commercially unviable to run drug screening for all their interviewees.

Instead, they bring you in if you pass through their interview process and watch out for any irregular behavior or performance. Suspicious irregularities may, then, inspire a call for a drug test.

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What Specific Substances Does McDonald’s Test for?

On papers, McDonald’s requires workers to take random drug tests. Prospective employees are also made to undergo drug screening – notably for Cocaine, PCP, Methamphetamine, Opiates, and THC.

What is the type of Drug Tests Used by McDonald’s?

drug test

The drug test employed is, largely, dependent on the position and branch you applied to. For instance, McDonald’s in Cabot, AR, Ephrata, Washington, and Roseburg, Orlando runs a 5-panel urine test for employees.  The same form of drug testing for employees also applies to prospective employees.

This test is unsupervised, which makes it relatively easy for workers to pass – unlike supervised tests. McDonald’s sends a sample of your urine to an accredited lab to screen for the relevant drug use. If the result comes positive – when an employee is on no prescription medication – that’d be trouble.

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Passing The Drug Test

As earlier mentioned, be ready to show up for random impromptu tests while on McDonald’s’ payroll.

Light users who hadn’t used marijuana one week prior to the interview may stand a higher chance of having a negative result on their urine test.

For moderate users – using marijuana say twice weekly – some detox can come handy in passing your can help you pass the test.

For heavy users, your chances of passing the test are pretty low – particularly if it comes unaware. Most times, heavy drug users opt for synthetic urine when an unsupervised test is conducted.

If you choose to present fake urine for your test, remember you might be unlucky – and get caught. And the penalty can be severe.


Back to the question – Does McDonald’s drug test?

It depends. Although they do no conduct any pre-employment drug test, – except for states like Wisconsin – they can run their test whenever. Irregular work-related accidents and suspicious behavior in the workplace might label you for a test. Vying for a managerial post? Be ready for a drug test.

Generally, McDonald’s is a nice place to work in. Follow our recommendations above to increase your chances of grabbing a worthwhile employment opportunity.

If you have a personal experience with McDonald’s drug testing procedures, kindly share your experience in the comment box.

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