Does Lyft do background checks for its Drivers?


Does Lyft do background checks for its Drivers?

A popular concern that individuals have when using the services of ride-sharing companies is ‘safety’. Customers like to know that they are safe. Hence, ride-sharing companies try to reduce the possibility of passengers being at risk because of the drivers they employ. To ensure safety, many ride-sharing companies use background checks when they want to employ new drivers. Here, we will explain the type of background check Lyft conducts. We will list the information gotten from the background check. Furthermore, everything you should know about Lyft’s employee background checks will be highlighted.

If you wish to work at Lyft, you may be wondering, ‘is a background check necessary’? The answer is Yes!. Previously, Lyft conducted a background check before hiring drivers. After approving drivers, the background checks were repeated once a year. These annual checks were performed to ensure that new information could be used to assess if a driver was still qualified to work for the company. However, to guarantee the safety of Lyft users, the company has slightly altered this policy.

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Now, Lyft is constantly monitoring the background and criminal history of its drivers. If during the course of the day, a driver engages in activity that is considered inappropriate or dangerous, the company will be informed. Hence, such drivers will be disqualified almost immediately rather than a year later during the annual background check.

The appropriate authorities will also notify Lyft if a driver acquires new criminal convictions and even charges of a misdemeanor. To ensure that identity theft or fraud is not in play, drivers need to carry their Identity cards, license and recent photograph at all times.

What information is gotten from the Lyft background check?

lyft background checks

If you have applied to work at Lyft, you will be subject to a background check. You will need to approve this action and supply your social security number for the checks to be conducted. We recommend that you are honest during the application process. The information garnered from the background check may contrast with the information you supplied. If this occurs, your chances of being hired by Lyft will be greatly reduced. The data from the background check can affect your chances of being hired by Lyft. The checks will be conducted by a third party but the information supplied will be assessed by Lyft Inc.

Here is the information the background check will supply Lyft.

1.  Criminal history: The third party company will look for any information on your criminal history. The information acquired on your criminal history may also include misdemeanors. The check will ensure that your criminal history matches what you have claimed. The local, state and federal criminal records database will be checked as well.

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Some offenses that could make you ineligible for the position of Lyft driver include

– Arrests and convictions for driving-related offenses. This includes DUIs, traffic or moving violations.

– Convictions for serious or violent crimes. This includes but is not limited to assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and arson.

– Charges and convictions for terrorist activities.

–  Convictions for sex-related offenses such as rape, possession of child pornography, or child abuse. Similarly, being listed as a sex offender.

– Convictions for credit card fraud or identity theft.

– Convictions for drug-related offenses like possession of hard drugs or possession with the intent to distribute.

Usually, offenses that occurred more than 7 years ago are overlooked. This is not always the case. The gravity of the offense could affect how older convictions affect your job at Lyft.

Significantly, state jurisdiction and law is considered by Lyft when criminal backgrounds are being assessed.

Everything you should know about Lyft’s Background checks

Does Lyft conduct background checks on its drivers

1. Background checks are not always accurate. This applies to all background checks, not just Lyft’s. When the check is completed, you will be given a copy of the background check. Assess the copy you are given to ensure that all the information on it is accurate. If you find some inaccuracies, contact the third party company that conducted the background check ‘Checkr’. If the information on the report is incomplete, you can also contact Checkr for clarification or correction. If you should find yourself in this situation, contact ‘Checkr’ immediately!. This will prevent a situation where Lyft and any potential employers will make a decision to reject your application based on an incorrect background check.

If your background check came back without blemish and you were disqualified as a Lyft driver or your application denied because of your criminal history, contact Lyft’s support team.

2. A background check can be completed between 2-4 days. However, in situations where clarification is required, it could take longer to complete the background check. To keep abreast with the background check, you can visit the Checkr website to view the status of the background check. In special cases where documents are not available electronically, it could take weeks to complete the check.

3. Lyft reserves the right to conduct random background checks. During this time, you may be unable to drive for the company. If you change your location or move to a different region, you may need to pass another background test to continue driving.

4. Your criminal history may not matter in some states but matter in others. When Lyft is assessing the background checks, your criminal history is very important. If your criminal history is blank or features small misdemeanors, you may be hired by Lyft. In some cases, serious convictions that occurred more than 7 years ago are not used to assess your eligibility to work as a Lyft driver.

Importantly, if you should move to a state where your criminal history dating back further than 7 years is used to assess your suitability of a Lyft driver, you may not be hired. This is because Lyft adheres to the local and state laws within the area of operation. Hence, you may be disqualified by Lyft after you move to a different state or region.

If you are disqualified as a Lyft driver after moving to a different state, contact Lyft support. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved but it is worth a try.

5. You could qualify for other jobs with your background and criminal history and still fail to qualify for a job at Lyft. In such cases, many individuals believe Lyft has made an error but this is not always the case. Lyft complies with local, state and federal laws for hiring but the company also has its own requirements and policies. Lyft may have a stricter employment policy than other companies you are qualified to work at. If you feel you have been unjustly rejected by Lyft, you can contact the Lyft support team.

6. Your social security number will be checked against multiple databases to prevent identity fraud. This will also help to ensure that the information you have provided is accurate.

7. If your Lyft account has been inactive, you may need to consent to another background check before you can use the account again. Ensure that all the information on your profile is current.