Does Hobby Lobby Hire Felons?


Does Hobby Lobby Hire Felons?

Does Hobby Lobby Warehouse Hire Felons? Unemployment numbers are at a current all-time high. Finding a job is becoming harder than ever even for the average Joe. Think about how much more difficult this makes the process for someone with a questionable record.

What about someone with a felony? Would it even be possible to get a job as a felon? This is a question that many felons are finding themselves asking after being released back into society these days.

It is only natural to doubt yourself, your talents, and your abilities, especially after being away from society for so long.

All that being said, prison or time away from society can help one realize new, unique things about themselves. It can also reveal what is important and what truly matters in life.

Maybe your time away revealed that you held an exceptional talent and love for arts and crafts, and you want to expand on that now that you are free.

Well, there would be no better place to do just that than with one of the world’s largest leading arts and craft suppliers, Hobby Lobby. Of course, this once again brings up doubts and the question of whether or not this would even be possible.

Hobby Lobby is well-known for its Christian beliefs, so does that mean they are going to look down on felonies? Would they even be willing to give someone with a back record a shot? Here’s what you need to know to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead.

A Word On Hobby Lobby

Does Hobby Lobby Hire Felons

Hobby Lobby is mainly an arts and crafts store that includes everything from picture frames to home jewelry making kits, home décor, and a whole host of holiday supplies. Think of a place that Martha Stewart would go to waste an entire afternoon.

That would be Hobby Lobby in a nutshell. The company holds its corporate office in Oklahoma City, and it is more than committed to honoring religious views and preferences.

They provide a retail environment that focuses highly on customer service and offering the best value to the customer. As for their employees, they establish and maintain a work environment that builds and fosters character.

Most of the starting positions within the company are at a customer service level like running cash registers, stocking shelves, and assisting customers, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t the opportunity to move on up the corporate ladder.

Hobby Lobby got its first official start back in 1970 when the husband and wife team, David and Barbara Green, started selling miniature picture frames out of their garage.

This quickly expanded into the arts and crafts phenomenon that they are today, with 850 stores spread across the United States and nearly 40,000 employees. They even have several offices abroad in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Yiwu China.

They are an equal opportunity employer, providing health, dental, paid vacation, personal time off, 401Ks, and employee discounts.

Another good thing about working the company is, you are guaranteed at least one day of the weekend off. Given their high Christian standing, the company chooses not to operate on the Lord’s day.

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Understanding The Hiring Process at Hobby Lobby

Applying for a position within this massive arts and crafts supplier will be easy thanks to the simplified design and layout of their website. All one has to do is head over to their careers page and search for available positions in their area.

Although you can apply online, it will probably be required that you later fill out this information again in person, so keep the information fresh. Openness and honesty are of the utmost importance to this company.

There will later be a background check so they’ll know when and where you are lying if you do. There will be a section on the application that asks about misdemeanors and felonies.

If you answer yes that you have been convicted of either, you will have to explain. You’ll likely have to list the date of the conviction and the reasoning for it as well as the location and penalty.

One upside is, right on the application itself it says that the conviction is not an automatic bar to employment. You won’t be automatically disqualified from the position just because you have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

During the application process, there will be other questions regarding previous employment. They’ll ask you if you’ve been forced to resign from a previous employer for any reason, and if so, when and why.

After going through the application and considering you for employment the company will set up an interview. This is where you’ll learn a little more about the company, the hiring process, and the job duties.

Remember you’ll want to give as good a first impression as possible by showing up early, neat and orderly, with your resume and requisite information in hand. Be ready to answer all the interviewer’s questions politely and honestly.

Hobby Lobby Background Checks

The unfortunate news is that Hobby Lobby, like most employers today, is going to run a dreaded background check. It will likely go back anywhere from 7 to 10 years, but this can vary and depend on the store, the hiring manager, and the position you are applying for.

That being said, it was already mentioned on the application that the company won’t exclude you just because you have a record.

The Hobby Lobby background check is to deduce if you are likely to succeed at the position for which you are applying. It takes tremendous resources to hire and train someone these days. Hobby Lobby does want to dump this money into someone that’s not going to stick with the company.

They want someone will long-term goals in mind. They want someone safe and willing to work with other employees. They have customers, employees, and a reputation to worry about. This is why openness and honesty are of the utmost importance.

The severity of the background check can vary depending on the store, the hiring manager, and the position for which you are applying. If you are applying for corporate or accounting, you might be more scrutinized than someone applying for a retail position.

The background check will scan everything from your previous work history to your criminal records, financial data, and driving records. They, once again, want to check for past mistakes while also evaluating your character.

The criminal portion of the check will likely examine your criminal offenses and convictions, including the convicted and non-convicted ones. The driving portion of the check will likely scan for past DUIs and other driving convictions.

This will better help the company determine whether or not you will be a dependable employee that can get to and from work on them when needed.

What Felonies Will Be Discounted?

While Hobby Lobby will hire felons, they will not hire all felons. There are a variety of financial, criminal, and sexual offenses that might make it extremely hard to get a position at the store.

If you have a conviction of a sexual nature or something involving theft it will be much harder to get a position. If you have a DUI, you might as well go ahead and consider yourself out of the running for any driving job.

Unfortunately, there are some felonies that Hobby Lobby will hold in higher regard than others, but this doesn’t mean you still can’t get hired on with the company.

If you are innovative and willing to show that you’ve changed and made strides, the company might be more than willing to work with you. If you have theft charges, they might be able to put you in a warehouse position.

They are an exceptional company willing to make exceptions for the right individuals under the right circumstances.