Does Goodwill do Background Checks?


Does Goodwill do Background Checks?

Goodwill Industries is one of America’s biggest nonprofits. The organization provides various programs to communities nationwide. These programs range from job training to interview coaching to internship opportunities. Its programs target homelessness, disability, seniors, other community issues.

Does Goodwill Do Background Checks

Established in 1902, Goodwill has grown from a small organization to a $6-billion nonprofit over the last 10 decades. The company was established by Cornell College alumni Reverend Edgar j. Helms. The current President and CEO are Steven C. Preston.

Goodwill Industries, founded in Boston, Massachusetts, has expanded to several countries, including South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Panama. The organization claims it has at least 156 locations in Canada and the United States. It reports an annual revenue ranging between $5 and $6.1 billion.

Goodwill Funding

Goodwill is funded through private and government donations. It receives the majority of its funding through its hundreds of thrift stores and donation sites in various locations. The nonprofit organization operates hundreds of secondhand stores that offer a broad range of used and new items, such as clothing, shoes, toys, appliances, electronics, books, furniture, interior décor, fashion accessories, jewelry, picture frames, and art.

Goodwill Job Opportunities

Goodwill offers a broad range of positions to qualified job candidates. These include human resource personnel, data analysts, IT specialists, finance, legal, marketing agents, managers, and communications specialists.

The nonprofit organization also offers remote job opportunities that allow workers to work from home. This job position is extremely popular among full-time parents, disabled persons, and part-time workers.

Goodwill Pre-Employment Process

The pre-employment process is not much different than other non-profit organizations. Job seekers fill out an employment application, submit it to humans resources, and patiently wait on a job interview. The employment application has been simplified to speed up the pre-employment and hiring processes. Applicants are required to provide Goodwill with the standard employment application information, such as name, physical address, and phone number.

Applicants can also submit a resume along with their completed job application. The resume will help Goodwill make a better-informed decision about your job applications.

Goodwill Employee Benefits

Goodwill offers its full-time employees various benefits, including health care, dental, and vision insurance. Employees can also enroll in a 403(b) retirement plan, assistance program, annual onsite Wellness Fair, annual flu shot program, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and onsite cooking programs geared toward healthy eating.

Employees also have access to 11 paid holidays, two personal days, sick leave, paid vacation, and a paid volunteer day.

Does Goodwill Do Background Checks?

goodwill background check

Yes, Goodwill performs background checks on qualifying job candidates. The organization believes the background check plays a major role in the pre-employment process. A background check is only performed for potential new-hires.

It checks the job applicant’s criminal, employee, and personal history. It validates the information provided by the applicant. For example, the applicant claims to not have a criminal history. The background check will validate this claim to help the employer determine if the applicant qualifies for the job position he/she applied for.

The Goodwill background check is similar to other employers. It is a standard background check performed by a third-party to ensure the highest level of fairness for both Goodwill and the job applicant.

Why Do Goodwill Background Check Job Applicants?

As mentioned previously, Goodwill believes the background check is a crucial part of the pre-employment process. The background check provides employers with various benefits, including better-informed employment decisions, supports workplace safety, rules out undesirable job seekers, minimizes job training expenses, decreases negligent employee hiring liability, and protects employers from workplace theft.

New-hires become Goodwill’s responsibility during work hours, which is background checks come into play. Unfortunately, there are more than a few workers with a history of stirring up strive among co-workers, calling off work, negative attitude, failure to complete assignments, poor performance, and non-participation in offsite community programs.

What If Applicant Falsifies Employment Application?

If Goodwill determines a specific job applicant falsifies his/her employment application, it will take matters into its own hands. A Goodwill human resource personnel will contact the job applicant to determine if the falsification was a mistake or intentional.

Some job seekers get stressed out when applying for different positions, this could have contributed to the falsified application. However, when job seekers are continuously refused a position with a prominent company or nonprofit, they will take drastic measures to enhance their skills, employment history, and job tenures.

Goodwill takes the pre-employment process very seriously because it believes in protecting its customers, partners, employees, and communities.

Like most American nonprofits, corporations, mom-and-pop businesses, and government agencies will not hire a job applicant with a falsified employment application. These entities believe a falsified employment application is a sign of things to come.

Does Goodwill Hire Felons?

Goodwill does hire felons in some cases. The nonprofit organization believes in giving back to the community by providing all of its members with good job opportunities. Goodwill has several job training programs, including one that targets felons. The nonprofit has gone public about its pledge to offer everyone a job opportunity even those with a criminal record.

Job applicants with a felony record may not qualify for employment with Goodwill. But, this determination has nothing to do with the job applicant’s criminal history. If you were refused employment with Goodwill, you should definitely consider taking advantage of the organization’s felony job training program.

Flexible Work Schedules

As mentioned previously, Goodwill is dedicated to giving back to its community, sponsors, employees, and partners. One way the company gives back to its employees is through a flexible work schedule. This includes parents, part-time workers with other companies, college students, and people with disabilities.

If you need a flexible work schedule while working with Goodwill, you should not hesitate to speak with a scheduler. These professionals are responsible for creating job schedules for Goodwill workers. They are also responsible for approving paid-time-off, such as vacation and sick leave.


Goodwill is not only a profit nonprofit organization but also a great employer, according to its thousands of employees across dozens of countries. The Goodwill background check is a standard procedure performed by a third-party that complies with the Fair Credit Reported Act (FCRA).

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