Does Costco Hire Convicted Felons?


Does Costco Hire Convicted Felons?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an international business. Unlike regular supermarkets, Costco is a membership-only wholesale club. In this warehouse supermarket, products are sold in bulk and these products are sold at discounted prices. Members have to pay a fee to take advantage of these discounts.

This company currently has more than 206 stores, carries about four thousand products, and has an annual income of over 16 billion dollars. Costco is a family-friendly store that provides great deals for shoppers who want to save some money.

Costco is very popular among people who want to work in the retail industry. This is not excluding people with a criminal history.

Here, we have examined the company’s employment policy and the experience of previous job applicants to answer the question ‘does Costco hire felons?’ Yes, Costco hires felons. However, there is a large number of people who assert that Costco turned down their applications because of a previous conviction.

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Does Costco Hire Felons?

does costco hire felons

Everything you should know if you are a felon that wants to work at Costco

1. Costco employees are treated well. This warehouse store pays well, provides employee benefits, and encourages employee training and growth.

2. Costco does not have any programs for employing felons. Some businesses have programs targeted at felons who are in need of a job. These programs are usually designed to help ex-convicts be better integrated into society after being released. If you are in need of such a program, contact the unemployment office in your vicinity.

3. Costco does not show support for the ban-the-box campaign. For this reason, you may be required to answer questions about your criminal history while filling the job application form. The Costco store within your area may abide by local or state laws and omit this question from the application form.

For example, Costco has the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance Police Code, Article 49 on its website.
This article states categorically that employers can not ask applicants about their criminal history, felonies, convictions, and arrests.

Also, the only time the employer can ask these questions is after the interview and after a conditional offer of employment has been made.

After the felonies and criminal history have been disclosed, only the offenses that may affect the applicant’s work can be used to decide if the applicant should be hired. This article is only applicable to the area within San Francisco.

4. You will need to get some great referees. You will be asked for your references when filling the job application form. It is important that you inform your references that you will be giving their contact information to your potential employer.

5. Background checks are compulsory. You will not be hired by Costco if you do not give your consent for a background check. This check is necessary because you will be interacting with customers and staff. The Costco background check will uncover any felonies or misdemeanors. However, it is unclear if a credit check is part of the background check.

This background check is carried out only if they intend to hire you. Usually, it is carried out after the interview and is followed by a drug test.

6. Costco does not tolerate drug use. Before you are employed, a swab test will be carried out. The location of this test is dependent on the Costco store. Some individuals have done the drug test immediately after their interview.

7. Some felonies can reduce your chances of being hired by Costco. Any felonies that can prove that the job applicant may be a danger to the company and its customers are not overlooked. Theft, violence, drug-related charges, and sex-related charges make it hard for a felon to be hired by Costco.

Importantly, if the felony charges are unrelated to the position you wish to fill, you may be considered.
An example is ‘An individual convicted for theft.

This individual may not be considered for the position of cashier or warehouse staff.  But, If they apply for the position of delivery man, they may be hired by Costco.

8. After the background check, you will be given the opportunity to explain the circumstances that led to your conviction. During this discussion, you will also be able to explain why you should be given a second chance by Costco. If you succeed in convincing the HR personnel or manager, you may be hired.

Some entry-level positions you can apply to fill at Costco include cashier, stocker, food service staff, baker, cake decorator, membership assistant, and customer service representative. Whichever position you want to fill, try to choose a position unrelated to your prior felony. Also, acquire the skills needed to work in that area.

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Tips that will help you get hired by Costco

costco hire felons

1. Acquire the skill needed for the position you want to fill.
2. Disclose all information about your prior convictions and misdemeanors.
3. Have a well-prepared resume and cover letter
4. Highlight your skills and value in your resume and cover letter
5. Prepare for the job interview. Learn about Costco and explain how you are the ideal Costco employee.
6. Be confident during the interview and ask questions of your own. Be honest when answering questions.
7. Prepare a statement about your criminal history. Clearly explain how you have changed and why you would be a good fit with Costco.
8. If you are not a skilled worker, apply for entry-level positions. Costco encourages employee training. After some time, you will be promoted.

In conclusion, Costco does hire felons but their requirements and checks are strict. Also, if they believe that hiring a particular felon may endanger the company, staff, and customers, they will withdraw the offer of appointment.
If you would like to work at Costco, we encourage you to apply. If your application is turned down, you should try again at a similar company.

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