Does Ace Hardware Drug Test?


Does Ace Hardware Drug Test?

Does Ace Hardware Drug Test? Do you like working with your hands? Do you enjoy helping others? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you should find a job that matches your skills and preferences. Doing so will guarantee that you’ll love your job.

While it isn’t right for everyone, some people will enjoy working at Ace Hardware. The hardware retailer has stores across the country and regularly hires.

Therefore, you’ll have a good chance of getting a job with this retailer in the future. Before applying, it is a good idea to learn more about Ace Hardware, its available jobs, and its drug-testing policy. More about these things will be provided below.

About Ace Hardware

First, you should know that Ace Hardware is one of the oldest American retailers. It was founded in Chicago more than 97 years ago.

Today, its headquarters can be found in Oak Brook, Illinois. The company is a retailers’ cooperative and the largest non-grocery retail cooperative in America.

Originally, the company was called Ace Stores. Its name was changed to Ace Hardware Corporation in 1931. After World War II, the company’s sales tripled.

It became a household name and expanded quickly. Once found and President Richard Hesse retired in 1973, the company was sold to its retailers. As a result, it is a retailer-owned cooperative.

In 1985, the company first reaches $1 billion in wholesale sales. By 2015, the number had climbed to $5 billion. In 2019, it was announced that Ace Hardware had more than 5,200 locations in 60 countries.

Furthermore, the United States is home to 17 distribution centers. It also has distribution facilities in Panama, China, and United Arab Emirates.

It supposedly has more than 7,500 employees. With a high turnaround and growing demand, Ace Hardware regularly hires new workers. You could get a job with them soon.

Common Ace Hardware Jobs

Ace Hardware offers many job opportunities to American consumers. If you’re looking for a job and want to work with the public, check out the job offerings at Ace Hardware.

The possibilities are endless since the company needs many reliable workers. For instance, you can try getting a job as a sales associate.

The company also hires full-time workers for its paint department. Furthermore, it hires cashiers, CDL drivers, and regional class A company drivers. In some areas, the company employs warehouse specialists.

If you’re looking for a job with this company, you should check Ace’s official website. It has a page dedicated to careers with the company. It is wise to use this website to learn more about available jobs.

Check The Ace Hardware Careers Page

Americans looking for jobs with Ace Hardware should visit the company’s careers page. The website is very helpful and will make the job search much easier.

Once you’ve opened the page, you can begin looking for positions based on several categories, including distribution, corporation, or retail.

Pick one of the categories so you can begin looking at those jobs. It is easy to use the website to search for job openings at local Ace Hardware stores.

The website will provide more information about the job, including its responsibilities, pay, hours, requirements, and more.

Furthermore, you can use the website to apply for the position in question. Once you’ve used the website to apply for the position, you’ll need to wait to hear from the company. Cross your fingers and wait.

Does Ace Hardware Drug Test Qualifying Job Applicants?

Does Ace Hardware Drug Test

There is no definitive answer to the above question, as the available evidence is conflicting. Some former and current employees claim to have undergone a drug screen when applying for a job at Ace Hardware.

Others deny being required to take a drug test to be qualified for a position at Ace Hardware.

It is crucial to be prepared for both hiring scenarios to rule out any potential surprises that could result in a false-positive result.

Does Ace Hardware Conduct Random Employee Drug Testing?

Ace Hardware is required to conduct random drug testing for workplace injuries. This requirement only applies to workers’ compensation cases.

A requirement for workers’ comp coverage is a negative drug screen. Workplace injuries linked to alcohol and drug impairments are not covered under workers’ compensation insurance.

Random drug screens are also utilized when employees appear to be under the influence of illegal substances in the workplace.

Any intoxicated worker injured in the workplace is required to undergo random drug testing for workers’ compensation coverage.

The random drug test also helps employers factually determine if an employee is under the influence at the time of a workplace accident.

Most Ace Hardware locations require all workers involved in workplace accidents to agree to a random drug screen. For example, an employee is injured with a sewing machine needle while sewing cuffs on work shirts.

Even if the employee does not require medical care, a random drug screen will be required in most cases. So, even if you refuse medical care, you still may be required to take a drug test.

Do Not Confuse An Employee Nicotine Test For A Drug Screen

Some private, state, county, and state employer-paid health insurance plans require employees to take a nicotine test.

The majority of these health plans utilize the results from nicotine tests to help ensure fairness in determining the premium amount.

If you are applying for a position at a smoke-free Ace Hardware, you may be required to take a nicotine test. The test detects nicotine for the past six months.

This is not an employment drug screen, as it only detects nicotine. However, some employers may combine the drug screen with the nicotine test to minimize expense and ensure convenience for qualifying job applicants.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Applicants With A Positive Drug Screen?

No, the drug screen results must be rendered negative to qualify for an Ace Hardware position.

If you fail your drug screen, you better have a valid explanation, or you will be ruled out for employment.

Can Applicants Appeal A Positive Or False-Positive Ace Hardware Drug Screen Result?

Yes, you can appeal a false-positive or positive drug screen report. However, the appeal process is quite complex and time-consuming. Employment drug screen appeals also vary from one state to the next.

While it is rare, some drug tests are faulty. If you decide to go through with an appeal, you will be responsible for validating the test was faulty. Failure to do so will exclude you from employment at Ace Hardware.

Prepare For An Ace Hardware Drug Test

As mentioned above, the difference between a good employment drug screen experience and a poor experience is preparation.

Not being prepared for a drug screen will put you on edge throughout the process. It could also result in a positive screen for those who utilize recreational drugs and alcohol.


Ace Hardware is one of America’s biggest and most trusted employers. Many ace stores are locally owned. Therefore, some may drug test workers while others do not.

You can’t be positive that you’re not going to be drug tested. As a result, it is best to be cautious. Avoid failing a drug test by preparing.

Don’t use drugs before applying for a position with Ace Hardware. If you’re cautious, you can likely pass the test, get the job, and begin working and having fun at Ace Hardware.

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