Can a felon work in the medical field


Can a felon work in the medical field

Many felons become interested to join the medical field after getting released from prison. While in prison, convicts are given compassionate medical care by BOP in times of health emergencies. The BOP doctors, nurses & care-givers are usually very empathetic and friendly. Such quality care motivates many ex-offenders to pursue jobs in the medical field after they complete their sentence.

Now, the question comes are felons actually allowed to get jobs in the clinical field? Well, the post below explains whether or not it will be viable for an ex-convict to find work in the medical sector.

Can a Felon Work in a Medical Field? (Challenges faced)

Can a Felon Work in a Medical Field

Finding a job is always a huge challenge for any felon, regardless of his crime.  It’s especially tougher when it comes to the medical scene. In fact, if an ex-offender was involved in the medical field before getting convicted, he may not be able to get his job back after releasing from prison for his felon status.

The medical field needs credible professionals. Your work in the health sector will involve your duty to take care of others. A person with a criminal record is not likely to hold such care and concern for others. However, it’s not true always. A person with a criminal record may have a caring heart. But it’s his conviction status that usually subjects him to being labeled as a not so caring person.

Besides, when you work in the medical sector, you get access to several sensitive records. It’s not easy to trust a person with confidential data who have been convicted of a crime in the past. The bottom line is, the medical scene needs ethical and honest employees. And felons are believed to be lacking in those two major virtues.

Once again, even when a felon does not lack traits, he is likely to be rejected given the negative societal opinion about them. So, all these factors make it extremely difficult for felons to find jobs in the clinical field.

But the good news, it may be harder but not exactly legally prohibited or impossible for ex-offenders to secure work in the medical field.

Why seek job in medical field?

Why seek job in medical field?

The medical sector is undoubtedly one among the most revered job sectors in any part of the world. It assures a respectable position for the employee in his community and also offers many benefits. As per the stats, 8 among top twenty professions belong to the healthcare sector. Around 13 million people are working in medical field in the US.

Healthcare is something that will never go out of demand. The medical industry is one of the most secured industries in terms of job perspectives. The “security” quotient in workplace is extremely vital for felons who usually have a hard time in finding employment in just any job sector.

There are excellent job opportunities in the healthcare scene. Most importantly, a career in medical field always comes with a rewarding experience. It’s one of those job areas which allow one to make a change and positively impact many people and their families. Such an inspiring experience is crucial especially for felons who usually find it tough to gain back their previous respected status in their communities or the society as a whole.

Besides, another great part about pursuing jobs in medical sector is the job availability for almost any educational level. Whether you hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Masters or Associate’s degree- you will be able to find jobs as per your educational level.

There are various respectable career choices in healthcare sector. These include nurse, physician, nursing assistant, physician assistant, dental assistant, therapist and so on.
There are many popular career choices in the medical field.

Factors to consider when seeking a Job in Healthcare Field

healthcare field

There are certain factors that influence your viability of getting a job in the healthcare field.

The most important consideration here is the crime type convicted by a felon. Crimes which can make finding a job in medical most difficult are the ones that involve terrible moral turpitude. These involve crimes related to cheating, fraud or lying.

Other crimes which may also raise big questions here are the ones that could pose concerns regarding taking care of patients. These include drug offenses, violent crimes and sexual offenses.

An inspiring success story

Despite all challenges, some felons have actually been able to find a respectable job in medical field. Below we will share such a story that will show how ex-offenders too can find employment in healthcare industry.

This is the tale of a determined felon who aspired to be a nurse after getting released from prison.

To strengthen his candidature, he enrolled himself into a trusted drug reentry treatment program,  after getting released from prison. He also gathered the relevant police records, case records, character references and other documents needed to expunge his record. He attained his recommendation letters from respectable people in his society to render a further edge to his application. Those who wrote recommendation letters for him were his counselors, doctors, his previous employer and his instructors. He also got one recommendation letter from his school’s dean.

Then, he got documents for each and every positive thing that he had achieved after getting released from prison. And despite his challenging past, he was finally able to secure a place in the nurse licensing test and also passed in flying colors.

So, what worked for him here?

First of all, the person had been completely honest at every step. He furnished every part of criminal record that he was carrying to his nursing facility & school administration. The person never hid anything in regards to his felony conviction.

Then, he took the right steps to get rehabilitation after the completion of incarceration. He told everything regarding his rehab program to his school and nursing center.

The man was smart and he took the time needed to gather all documents and complete all processes that can help him to attain a respectable job. He was just 18 when he was convicted and after getting out, he spent 7 years to arrange everything needed to apply for the nursing license.

In the meantime, he consulted a lawyer and completed background checks to get a clean record. He complied with every order and summon regarding his incarceration, paid all the required fines & restitution, gathered all needed court documents & police reports. He also strengthened community ties and improved relationships with friends and family. He also participated in different community & volunteer projects including one with a 12-step program.

In other words, he changed his lifestyle completely and for the better and leveraged himself into an honest, ethical & trusted person.

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Family support is needed

It demands a great deal of motivation and strong will to find your footing in the society after getting released from prison. Thus, a felon always requires healthy support from his friends and family to keep him on right track.