What is Level 2 Background Check?


What is Level 2 Background Check?

What is Level 2 background check? There is simply no denying that living with a felony on your record is challenging. It is something that’ll weigh you down for many years to come. That being said, one of the most difficult things about having a felony is, trying to find active employment.

Just about every employer these days conducts background checks, making the entire process all that more difficult. This is why it is always important to know and understand what you are going to potentially be going through.

While every employer and position is different, it can help you when you are prepared for the potentials that might be discovered. This is especially true when it comes to level 2 background checks.

At this point, you are probably wondering what is a level 2 background check? This is just one of the many things you are going to learn from the pertinent information below.

Understanding Background Check

background check

It is best to always start with the basics, and that’s where we’re going to start with the background check. Before you learn all about the level 2 background check, you need to learn about the background check. A background check is something that is used to search for information about an individual.

The type of information uncovered on these checks can vary depending on the type of background screening. That being said, most background checks are run by prospective employers as part of the hiring process. There are typically several reasons that this is done:

  • Running a background check can potentially help with avoiding negligent hiring
  • If there are concerns regarding terrorism, someone might conduct a background check
  • Background checks are run when there is a suspicion of false information on applicants
  • When the security of children and the elderly are in question, a background check can be ran

What it comes down to is vetting. Most employers run background checks as a means to vet their potential employees. This is the only information they have to judge candidates by.

The hiring process is long, extensive, and expensive. Employers do not want to spend thousands of dollars training an employee only to have that employee blow the opportunity a week later.

This is why most employers won’t hire someone with a felony record. It makes the individual appear unreliable or untrustworthy.

In addition to this, there is always fear that the public will act negatively towards companies that hire felons. These are just amongst a few of the things that need to be considered when it comes to background checks.

When Do Employers Use Level 1 Or Level 2 Background Checks?

If you live in the state of Florida and are applying for a job, you might have noticed that some employers do a level 1 background check and a level 2 background.

While you probably ascertained just from the name that the level 1 check isn’t as in-depth as the level 2 check, there is much more to these checks than just their level of security.

Interestingly enough, level 1 and level 2 are terms that pertain only to Florida and not utilized but the FBI or any other state.

This is because background checks in Florida have been divided into two distinct levels thanks to the enactment of HB 7069.

This is something that was put in place in 2010 as means to make the background check process stricter. Pretty interesting when you think about it, but much more than that needs to be known.

Why Are Level 2 Background Check Important?

Level 2 Background Check

More and more employers in the state of Florida are utilizing level 2 background checks. Heck, there are some employers that the law requires to do so. All in all, the level 2 background is a useful tool that can be viably utilized in a variety of employment situations.

It’s a background check that provides a deal of insight into one’s criminal history. This is something that can be extremely helpful when you are dealing with people that might have multiple aliases, addresses, phone numbers, or information.

This is why these searches are required for all job positions that deal with the responsibility of vulnerable groups. When working with the elderly or at-risk youth, you will likely have to undergo one of these searches.

What Is FBI Fingerprint Processing?

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) oversees a fingerprint process utilized by medical centers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, commercial establishments, skilled nursing facilities, and other entities when hiring professionals.

Law enforcement agencies across the country are authorized to access the FBI Next Generation Identification “NGI” system.

The state-of-the-art NGI system consists of data utilized by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to identify specific individuals. The system is one of the most complex digital repositories of criminal and biometric history data.

When it is necessary to identify an individual for employment, criminal, passport, education, and governmental purposes, entities turn to the NGI System. Unlike other biometric systems, the NGI System scans 10-print fingerprints, as well as facial recognition searches.

The FBI has been collecting individual ten-print fingerprints since 1924. The fingerprints and relevant historical data are stored in an electronic database known as the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System “IAFIS.”

Today, the federal agency claims to have collected more than 51 million records of criminal subjects and more than 1.5 million records of non-criminal “civil” fingerprint records.

FBI agents, working in field offices throughout the United States, spend the majority of their time gathering intelligence on criminal activities. The agents are authorized to arrest suspects of various crimes.

Some serve in managerial and supervisory positions, execute search warrants, testifying in federal court, and work in laboratories.

Authorized FBI PrintScan Locations

Most of the United States Postal Service locations offer FBI background checks, with fingerprinting services. The government agency has simplified the process to ensure convenience on all levels.

To find designated USPS locations, you must visit the official PrintScan website. Here, you will find various information regarding fingerprinting services offered by the USPS.

The USPS fingerprinting background services are utilized for the following purposes:

  • Employment
  • Personal review
  • Attorney request
  • Student visa
  • International travel
  • Court-related issues

Making a PrintScan appointment is as simple as contacting your local USPS office. Appointments are available online at the PrintScan website. To complete the process, you must confirm your appointment via email.

Experts recommend arriving at the facility within 10 to 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment. You will be required to validate your identity before the USPS representative will authorize your FBI background check.

PrintScan allows individuals seeking their full criminal record to submit their ten-print fingerprints directly to the FBI. The USPS representative will assist you in completing the Applicant Fingerprint Form “FD-258.” The completed FD-258 form is submitted directly to the FBI.

Fingerprint cards are available through the FBI.

FAQs on Level Two Background Check

What does a Level 2 background check consist of

How Far Back Does A Level 2 Background Check Go?

When a state and national level 2 background check is filled out, it usually takes about three business days before the information comes back. However, the search goes back much further than that.

While both the national and state level 1 and 2 background check scans for criminal history and warrants, they can go back as far a 6 months from the date the check was filled.

This means if you’ve had felony convictions 5 months ago, it’ll show up on this check.

What Does A Level Two Background Check Consist Of?

According to the state of Florida, a level 2 background check mandates the magnitude of record searches that can be conducted by employers in the state as one of the steps of the pre-employment screening process.

When a level 2 check is conducted, it usually consists of county criminal records, criminal history records, criminal history records of the nation, and finger-print based information.

In addition to this, employers that utilize the level 2 background check also have the option of conducting electronic fingerprinting. This just helps maintain the security and integrity of all the information collected.

What Shows Up On A Level Two Background Check?

The best way to be prepared for any kind of background check is by knowing the information that will be scanned.

When undergoing a level 2 background check, here are some of the information that the employer might be seeking: employment history, educational history, and criminal history.

This is just the start, as a vast amount of information can be uncovered with one of these checks. If you are interested in the information that might appear on one of these checks, you always have the option of running your check.

There are several search engines available today that will allow you to conduct your level 2 background checks.

What Is The Difference Between A Level 1 And Level 1 Background Check?

A level 1 background check is pretty much just a state-only name-based check along with employment history. This isn’t entirely the case with the level 2 check at all.

The level 2 check allows options for a state background check as well as an employment history search. The level 2 check does not, however, involve a fingerprint search.

Another important thing to note about the level 2 check is that it does not focus solely on disqualifying offenses. It’ll reveal all, and this is just one of the main reasons that employers utilize these checks. It helps them get a better understanding of the type of employee you’ll be.

Does A Level Two Background Check Include A Drug Test?

While there are many advantages that employers can utilize when employing the level 2 background check, it is the fact that these tests can be combined with drug and alcohol tests that is one of the biggest.

This means that employers can get your history and drug report out of the way in one whack. Some agencies will offer customized service bundles where employers can bundle together a wide range of checks and information. Just keep in mind that every employer and position is different.

Some employers or positions might require a drug screening along with the level 2 check, while some might only focus on the background check.

Some might just solely focus on drug screening. When all said and done, it comes down to the employer as well as the type of position you are likely applying for.

How Do I Get A Level 2 Background Check In Florida?

Undergoing a level 2 background check can be quite extensive, there is no doubt about that. What you’ll first have to do is, find an AHCA approved vendor. Doing this will allow you to initiate the screening process. It’ll virtually get the ball rolling.

After filling out all the required information, you’ll then have to find an appropriate facility where you can have your fingerprints and photo taken. There are tons of live scan stations located worldwide.

What Is A Level 2 Nationwide Background Check?

The Florida Statutes define the level 1 and level 2 background checks are terms that dictate the type of screening an employer conducts.

A level 1 check is your run-of-the-mill standard check that includes state-only name-based background check information like, employment history, local county criminal history, sex offender checks, credit reports, and educational reports.

A level 2, as you likely already imagined, is a much more in-depth screening. It’s basically like a level 1 check on steroids.

It includes fingerprint-based searches of records held and maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, national FBI criminal history searches, and country criminal record searches via local court and law enforcement agencies. A nationwide is all this on a nationwide basis.

How Many Level Of Background Check Are There?

As an applicant applying for a position in the state of Florida, you’ll feel like you’ve been poked and prodded by doctors by the time you are done.

That being said, you’ll be glad to know that the search ends after the level 2 search. And, level 2 searches only pertain to the state of Florida. Anywhere else and you won’t have to worry about going through all this.