Does Waste Management Employ Felons in 2022?


Does Waste Management Employ Felons in 2022?

Waste management is a leader in the environmental solution service industry. The company boasts of over 21 million customers spread across the United States and Canada.

They commit to making innovation in the waste solution aspect, helping organizations and communities go green – with zero waste.

Does Waste Management Employ Felons in 2022?

Does Waste Management Employ Felons

Our findings say waste management hires felons. Several testimonials from different platforms –, inclusive – attest to this. However, it is not stated anywhere on their site whether or not they hire felons.

But if your job demands a Commercial Driver’s License, and you do not get an offer after their background check, then a drug test might be next.

Typically, this test is carried out within two days. So, even if you have a drug-related conviction on your record, this drug test shouldn’t pose a threat to genuinely rehabilitated felons.

Is Waste Management the Ban Box List?

Ban the box is a movement that campaigns against the rejection of job applicants with a felony. This movement seeks to discourage discrimination against once incarcerated applicants.

Back to the question – Waste management does not appear on the ban the box list. This doesn’t change the testimonies of felons who are currently Waste Management’s employees.

Worthy of mention – many felon-friendly companies are yet to join the ban the box movement. So, the fact is, – whether or not they are on the ban box list – they hire felons.

Hiring Process at Waste Management

Hiring Process at Waste Management

Do you feel lost on how to go about your application? If you consider applying for a job in waste management, here are steps to take:

Submit Your Application

Visit Waste Management’s website and complete the online application. Check the ‘Frontline operations’ and ‘Professional’ options.

If you do not get a position you desire, select the “Talent Network” option. This option allows you to submit your CV so that the company can contact you when they have an opening that matches your specialization and location.


You may have to wait for as much as four weeks to get feedback from Waste Management. The hiring team will evaluate your resume to ensure you are the best man for the job. This process may include a scrutiny of your driving records as well as criminal and employment history.

If you qualify, you will get a call for a scheduled interview. Unsuccessful applicants may only get an email notification.

The Interview

Your interview is based on the hiring manager, your preferred position, store location, and overall performance. The interview consists of both phone and in-person.

When asked, most persons who have taken the interview said it was more of a casual and relatively relaxed conversation than, typical of employers – an in-depth investigative interrogation.

Likely Questions

Of course, Waste Management’s interview questions vary – based on the particular post you applied for. Driver, for instance, may get ready for questions like:

  • Why do you think safety is important?
  • Ever been in a situation where safety was compromised? How did you restore safety?
  • How much do you know about driving in (specific areas)

Here are some general questions you should rehearse with as you prepare:

  • How dependable are you?
  • What do you have to offer if employed?
  • Relate an event where things went south on your job. And how did you handle it?
  • Discuss times you’ve had scuffles with your colleague at work – and how you managed the situation.
  • Why did you prefer Waste Management over other companies?

For more effectiveness, you may dramatize these questions with your friend or family member – who would act as your interviewer.

After the Interview

Your performance at the interview is a key part of the hiring process.

However, we discovered cases where applicants got the job offer immediately after the interview. On a handful of cases, however, it took as much as 2 months to get feedback.

Does Waste Management Conduct Drug Test?

Our findings suggest they perform drug tests. Applicants who scaled through the interview process and got a job offer will undergo a drug test before they begin work.

Employees’ Benefit at Waste Management

For benefits, Waste Management has amazing staff welfare packages. They offer employees a range of benefits – covering dental, health care, vision, family care, and disability.

Paid vacation, retirement, sick leave, stock options, free on-the-job-trainings, staff discounts, legal services, and educational saving schemes are, but a shortlist of the range of traditional services Waste Management offers their highly esteemed workers.

Training and Safety at Waste Management

Training and Safety at Waste Management

Waste Management’s commitment to safety is best termed ‘stellar.’ This company stands a million miles ahead of local competitors. They offer their drivers an 80-hour intensive training with routine evaluations.

Of course, Waste Management is one among the handful of companies with as much as 85% reduction in injuries rates. This is largely attributed to their successful implementation of the Mission to Zero scheme. They also participate in the voluntary OSHA Protection scheme.


While the company’s name may not sound like an interesting place to seek a job, Waste Management offers great career opportunities for many people – felons inclusive.

One thing is sure – waste management is a large company that serves over 21 million municipals, industrial and commercial customers across the United States and Canada.

They are involved in pretty much anything relating to waste – primarily, disposal and recycling. And lately, they seem to have delved into renewable energy from landfills for electricity generation.

Although the Waste Management network is widely known for employing drivers, several other opportunities abound. They request college grads seeking to land their first employment, military veterans coming off active duty, corporate office jobs, and mechanics – the list is inexhaustible.

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