Does Trugreen Hire Convicted Felons?


Does Trugreen Hire Convicted Felons?

One of the toughest jobs is finding a job. This is even worse for felons.

Why is it difficult for Felons to get employed?

Most minimum wage jobs are unfriendly to felons – primarily because they – whole foods service or retail –  mostly demand a direct employee-customer contact. Both bug and small companies fear exposing their customers with persons with ‘questionable’ past.

Regardless of how far back the felony occurred, this stigma tends to linger – especially among employers. While a truckload of these employers claim to offer equal opportunities, only a handful do – In practice.

To reduce your stress, we researched companies that hire felons. On this research, we sought to answer this question – Does TruGreen hire felons?

Read on to find out – and even more.

What is TruGreen?

what is truegreen

TruGreen is a leading US-based lawn maintenance company. They are experts in handing landing scape needs. If you love the outdoors jobs and wouldn’t mind dirty hands, read on to find out how you can land a job with America’s top lawn care agency – regardless of your records.

Here are some questions we’d answer:

  • Can People with Misdemeanor Get a Job at TruGreen?
  • How can I apply for a job at TruGreen?
  • Do they run background checks?
  • Do I stand a chance with my felony?
  • Among others

Can People With Misdemeanor Get a job at TruGreen?

While TruGreen may not hire felons, some online reviews suggest they employ people with misdemeanors. However, they operate a case-by-case screening.

Does TruGreen Support the Ban The Box Campaign?

Ban the Box movement is a growing campaign that moves to remove employment discrimination against felons and people with a misdemeanor.

Sadly, TruGreen is not –yet – on the Ban the Box list. This means they may not be so lenient on people with criminal records. Nevertheless, read on to discover how you could increase your chance of getting a job with a felony.

Are There Any Special Employment Schemes for Felons?

From our research, there are no special programs for felon applicants – except for veterans.

Which Entry-Level Jobs Are Available?

Here are some entry-level jobs available at TruGreen:

  • Warehouse technicians
  • Data entry operators
  • Customer service representative
  • Field sales

Although entry-level jobs, they are good grounds to begin your career. Besides on –the-job-trainings, you will also get acquainted with organizational operations.

How to Get a Job at TruGreen As an Ex-convict

does trugreen hire convicted felons

Are you already put off knowing TruGreen is not felon-friendly? Don’t give up yet; here are some things to help you increase your chances.

  • Polish your resume

Before you submit your review, update it. Correct all punctuation and grammar errors. You may contact an employment agency near you to help recheck your resume – and possibly make – or suggest – corrections.

Visit their career page to find out what positions are open for application. Then, proceed to complete the application form online.

If you make it to the interview stage, remember these tips:

  • The rule of thumb says ‘arrive 15 minutes earlier.’ The point is, don’t be late.
  • Look professional – and clean
  • Conceal piercings, augmentations, and tattoos – as much as possible. You may wish to find out the company’s view of such ‘adornments’ – after your interview.
  • Be bold, positive and polite
  • If asked, be honest about your past. Of course, if the company ever detects dishonesty in your details, that automatically dampens your chances.
  • Make inquiries at the end of the interview – to get a clearer picture of your expected duties, if employed.

Do They Run Background Checks?

As with most companies, TruGreen does a criminal background check before employment. They run their checks after the interview.

Felons, TruGreen May not Hire

The indicators already suggest TruGreen discriminates against felons. Worse still, don’t bother applying if your felony falls in any of these categories:

  • Violent related records
  • Driving Offenses
  • Theft-related crimes

If TruGreen does case-by-case scrutiny of people with a misdemeanor, you may land a job with a  less severe crime. However, sincerity about your records will further improve your chances.

Any Drug Test?

While no words from TruGreen concerning this, sources suggest applicants will go through a drug test after the interview. Employees may also undergo drug tests in the case of an accident during working hours.

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