Does Safeway Drug Test Their Employees?


Does Safeway Drug Test Their Employees?

Does Safeway Drug Test Their Employees? This question comes up often for those who are considering employment at Safeway. But before we get to the question on hand, let us first explore who Safeway is.

About Safeway

about safeway

Safeway is a very large and famous American supermarket, with chains located throughout the United States.

They specialize in items such as food, groceries, household products, baking products, pharmaceutical products, and in some locations, even gas for your car or truck.

Safeway has been in existence for over 100 years, with its first location being built in 1915 located at its current-day headquarters of Pleasanton, California.

As of recently, specifically the 100th year anniversary in 2015, Safeway was acquired by a company called Albertson, while still maintaining the Safeway recognized name.

Safeway has almost 900 locations throughout the United States and boasts a remarkable number of employees at a resounding 250,000 current workers for Safeway.

Unfortunately for those that do partake in recreational drug use, Safeway is one of the companies that are absolutely strict about its drug testing policy.

Safeway does this to ensure that they filter out any potential issues with their employees, and to better help create a work environment that maintains a level of professionalism.

Is Safeway A Company That Checks Potential Employees With A Drug Test?

Safeway does in fact do drug tests as part of their pre-employment scanning of their future employees.

It also shows that Safeway does this for all of their positions, so if you are applying to Safeway, be prepared to take a drug test.

Furthermore, Safeway will have their recruitment team actually supervise the test, so there is no way to cheat around it. Safeway relies on a test of saliva by swapping the applicant’s mouth.

We have also seen reports of Safeway administering tests via urine samples. These tests check for every drug under the sun, so if you are a drug user, you need not apply, as you will be immediately ruled out for the position after failing the drug test.

One benefit to Safeway and its zero-tolerance policy for drugs in the workplace is that the work environments are always drug-free, which adds to a level of professionalism.

After your saliva and or urine is collected, Safeway will send out the sample to a lab where the test will be processed. After this, your results are forwarded over to the Safeways team within their management department.

What About Safeway And Their Positions of Transport? Does Safeway Drug Test Them As Well?

Does Safeway Drug Test

If you find yourself applying for a job at Safeway as a truck driver, for example, you can be expected to be a participant in a mandatory drug screening.

In fact, this policy is not that of Safeway, but rather the Department of Transportation. So along with a test of your driving ability, you will also be faced with the drug test and a physical performed by a doctor.

This is due to the simple fact that any type of transportation job is one in which very serious injury or death can occur, so therefore they go through all proper testing to ensure you are fit for the position.

For transportation applicants, Safeway will do urine or even a hair sample for their drug test- You can also expect to have a background check performed at Safeway to ensure no criminal history or major traffic violations.

Does Safeway Drug Test In Oregon?

There is no current law that mandates a private company to be drug testing their employees during the hiring process.

However, because it is Safeway, if you are applying in Oregon, you can expect either a urine or saliva drug test during your pre-employment screening-

Oregon is one of the states that does have a legal statute that states that a company may not drug test for means of unnecessary discrimination, defamation, or an invasion of your privacy.

However, none of this actually applies to Safeway during their employment process, as they are sure to test each and every one of their employees.

Therefore, essentially avoiding any claim of defamation or discrimination, or even an invasion of privacy. Safeway will conduct its drug screening solely on its company’s policy.

It has nothing to do with the state that you are in or the job that you are applying for, even if it is a job in transportation or in a certain position of management or HR.

What Types Of Drugs Can You Expect For Safeway To Test For? 

Safeway does in fact screen for substances such as THC, which is marijuana, benzos, cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA, and PCP, just to name a few of the drugs that are testing you for.

Also, our research has shown that there is simply no workaround to cheating this drug test. Safeway puts supervisors of the district in charge to oversee the entire process of drug testing under their supervision.

In other words, you cannot beat a Safeway drug test if you have recently consumed one of these drugs.

Which Drug Screening Methods Are Used By Safeway To Check Their Employees?

What Types Of Drugs Can You Expect For Safeway To Test For

Our research has concluded that Safeways top methods of testing for drugs include both saliva or a mouth swab test for its potential future employees.

However, we also found reports of Safeway conducting tests via urine, or even hair samples, in which drugs may linger for over a month.

These drug tests are given during the middle of the interview with your fellow Safeway recruiter. Safeway will also always double-check you passed all of these tests before being given a bid to work at their company.

Some sources even stated that when Safeway is crunched for time, they have administered drug test kits that are near-instant so as to avoid any delay in their hiring process.

This speaks volumes to just how thorough the process of employment is for Safeway.

What Happens If I Do End Up Failing My Safeway Drug Test?

Simply put, if you do find yourself failing a Safeway drug test, you can safely assume you will not land the job. After all, that is why Safeway conducts such tests in the first place.

Furthermore, you may get randomly tested after being hired. This of course would also almost ensure your loss of job and employment at Safeway, and you can expect to never be considered for a position through Safeway again.

If you happen to work in transportation for Safeway, you may lose your license and department of transportation insurance. This is why Safeway is so thorough when they test their transportation employees.

How To Safely Clear A Safeway Drug Test In The Year 2021

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer or solution to this question. Due to the rigorous drug screening, and even the supervision of a recruiter, there is no way to cheat such a test.

Your only option for safely passing a Safeway drug test is to refrain from consuming any drugs during the weeks and even months leading to your application to work at Safeway.

If you are indeed a drug user, your best option is probably to wait to apply until you have no drugs in your system, or even look for an employer that will not drug test you.

Nevertheless, here are a few tried methods that could help you pass your drug test. For the saliva test, we recommend taking mouthwash that is non-alcoholic and actually scrubbing the inside of your cheeks.

This mouthwash may very well help fight against the drugs that can be detected via your saliva. Also, be sure to consume lots of liquids as this will also help flush out any potential drugs.

As stated earlier, we also advise to simply stop taking drugs. A break from a drug like THC may be your only guaranteed method of passing your drug test. When applying to companies such as Safeway, our advice is to simply stay away from any drugs.

We are also aware that by trying to alter your drug test, you may be breaking certain laws, so double check your state’s legislature regarding the tampering of a company drug test to be in the clear with your deceptive actions.

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In Summary

Our research provided a resounding yes that Safeway does in fact drug test every single one of their future employees, and even does random drug testing of their current employees.

Our research suggested that this is done to maintain a very professional environment for customers and employees alike.

We can also safely assume that by taking drugs, you may not be at your best performance in the workplace, which is another sensible reason that Safeway instills such a strict policy regarding drugs and their employees.

If you do truly want to work at Safeway, our advice is to not take drugs at all.