Does Ross Drug Test Their Employees?


Does Ross Drug Test Their Employees?

Does Ross Drug Test? Ross Stores, DBA “Ross Dress for Less”, is an American department store chain. Most consumers refer to the Dublin, California-headquartered chain as “Ross” because it rolls off the tongue easily. There are a total of 1,483 Ross locations in Guam, the District of Columbia, and the United States.

The company has not been established in New Jersey, Puerto Rico, New York, Alaska, New England, and some Midwestern states.

Does Ross Drug Test

The first location opened nearly 4 decades ago in 1950, in the California city of San Bruno. Morris Ross, the founder of Ross Department Store, claimed to have initially invested 85 hours per week into his newfound business. Ross split his time purchasing items and keeping the books for Ross Department Stores.

Six years later, Ross Department Stores was acquired by real estate mogul, William Isackson. Over the next 24 years, Isackson expanded his company from one location to six locations. The expansion pushed the discount department store chain into Castro Valley, San Bruno, Novato, Redwood City, Pacifica, and Vacaville.

In 1982, Isackson entered an agreement with Mervin G. Morris, founder of Mervyn’s, to sell the six San Francisco, California locations. By 1985, Morris and a group of investors expanded the chain from six locations to 107.

Ross reported annual sales of $1.4 billion in 1995. At this point, Morris and his investors had expanded the chain from 107 locations to 292 locations. Nearly 17 years later, the chain had reaches 1091 locations and $9.7 billion in revenue for the fiscal year. Ross was now established in 33 US states.

In 2003, Ross’s headquarters had been relocated to the Tri-Valley area in Pleasanton, California. In 2014, The now, Fortune 500 Company replaced Michael Balmuth CEO with businesswoman, Barbara Rentler. The move prompted Ross Stores Inc to relocate its headquarters from Pleasanton, California to its current location, Dublin, California.

Working At Ross Stores?

Ross reportedly has over 88,000 employees in the United States, Guam, and the District of Columbia. Ross Dress for Less is a rewarding career, according to many former and current employees.

Data collected from previous surveys show former and current employees appreciated Ross’s flexible work schedule, laid-back work environment, quick advancement opportunities, and employee relocation program.

Some employees complained about Ross’s limited associated training. According to survey responses, Ross provides new associates with limited training time.

Other complaints were geared toward Ross’s extremely fast-paced work environment. However, some employees appreciated to quicker work pace, while others found it exhausting.

It appears Ross invests a lot of time and effort into its management hiring process. The survey responses showed little to no complaints about management.

In fact, most responses complimented Ross management, while a limited few, described some Ross locations as being “under-managed and micro-managed.”

Ross employees are continuously competing with a clock, according to Indeed survey responses. According to a former Pittsburgh retail associate, employee tasks are timed, and workspaces are limited, resulting in a disarrayed work environment. The former employee claimed timed tasks are well-document for future reference for management.

Ross Employee Benefit Programs

Ross provides its full-time employees ample opportunity to enroll in the company’s health care, vision, and dental insurance plans. Other Ross employee benefits include the following:

  • Paid Time Off “PTO” (paid vacations and holidays)
  • Employee discounts on store merchandise
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Flexible spending account
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Financial wellness program
  • Adoption assistance
  • Onsite job training
  • Competitive salaries

Ross Dress For Less Hiring Process

Ross Dress For Less utilizes a simplified hiring process to ensure efficiency on all levels. The hiring process begins with a career search, which is accessible from Ross Stores’ official website.

To initiate the process, input a keyword in the first slot, followed by select the “Ross Stores” feature, a Career Area, and Brand Name. To complete the career search, select a store location and doable distance, ranging from 1 to 50 miles.

The results will appear on the screen below. If you find an open position that piques your interest, select, and be directed to a detailed description of the available position. Here, you will find the available position location, General Purpose, Essential Functions, Loss Prevention, and job duties.

Do not just scan the information but read it in-depth because it could be the difference between applying for a desirable and undesirable position.

Does Ross Drug Test New-Hires?

Does Ross dress for less Drug Test

So, Does Ross dress for less Drug Tests? No, Ross does not require qualified job applicants to undergo pre-employment drug screens. The company, however, may conduct random employee drug testing when suspicions of illicit drug use arise.

Job seekers who are interested in working at their local Ross Dress for Less should consider their actions in advance.

While Ross may not conduct pre-employment drug testing, employees are always under scrutiny to perform up to par. The slightest hint of substance abuse will draw red flags, forcing Ross management to consider a random drug screen.

Employees have ample opportunity to grow within the company. Management always considers current employees for advanced positions before reaching out to the local communities. If your goal is to work for a company that is dedicated to delivering on its promises, look no further than Ross Stores.

Does Ross Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks?

Yes, all qualifying job applicants are required to undergo a background check. When a Ross manager sees potential in an applicant, the background check topic will come to the surface.

The applicant will have the opportunity to authorize or refuse the pre-employment background check. However, the refusal to undergo the background check will disqualify the applicant from Ross’s employment.

Applicants with criminal histories should reach out to a Ross manager, supervisor, or human resource agent. It is crucial to get all concerns and questions out of the way prior to sighing the pre-employment consent form. Once the document is signed and submitted to Ross management, it will be too late to reverse your decision.

Does Ross Hire Job Applicants With Felony Criminal Records?

Ross Stores is an Equal Opportunity Employer “EOE”. The company has not expressed its willingness to hire job applicants with felony criminal records. Employee reviews claim Ross is open to hiring felons.

If Ross’s hiring practices are like other American companies, the felony convictions must be at least 5 years prior. Some American employer background checks go back 7 years, an extension of 2 years, compared to 5 years.


Ross Dress for Less is described as a “great place to work”. While all Ross locations have unique workplaces, company operations are similar across the across. Ross’s pre-employment process has been simplified to ensure efficiency for all involved parties.

Job seekers looking for a long-time employer should consider Ross. The company is an EOE, ruling out any potential discrimination.

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