Does Prime Trucking Hire Felons?


Does Prime Trucking Hire Felons?

One of the greatest challenges for persons previously charged with a felony is securing a good job. This can be attributed to the fact that virtually all companies run background checks on applicants. It is a common and standard procedure because aside from making sure they’re hiring competent operators, employers also want to verify that prospective employees do not have issues that may tarnish their reputation, hence the need for background checks.

Despite the fact that background checks done by companies are something to be less worried about, this can be quite worrisome for those having a previous criminal record or those charged with felonies, who are seeking for a job. Since most companies are very strict with the issue of background checks, this can make the process of job-seeking very difficult for persons with a criminal record.

The trucking industry is one of the most forgiving places to seek employment for everyone, not just people with clean records. They help ex-felons reintegrate into society, and become more responsible. Apart from offering great pay and providing competitive benefits, truck driving satisfies the wanderlust of people who do not like to be in a single place for long.

While some trucking companies are strict with background checks and do not consider employing former offenders, a whole host of others will not consider it a deal-breaker. The question for felons who have experience with driving trucks then becomes which company is open to the idea of hiring people with criminal records.

Does Prime Trucking Hire Felons?

does prime trucking hire felons

Prime Inc. is an excellent trucking company that was started by Robert E. Low in 1970, with a solitary truck. As a result of Low’s astute strategizing and visionary leadership, the company experienced tremendous growth in a short space of time and is today regarded as one of the leading names in the freight transport and logistics business.

Prime Inc. describes itself as North America’s most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal carrier, providing safe, reliable, and continuous on-time service to its expanding international customer base.

Prime trucking headquarters is located at Springfield, in Missouri. This company has over 6000 trucks that are driven by more than 5000 employees. Prime Inc. regards its employees as its most important resources and offers several schemes to guarantee favorable working conditions, in order to optimize productivity. Prime Inc believes in offering its workers a platform to help employees develop themselves and boasts an extensive support network for their drivers.

With this excellent approach, this company is able to train its drivers in-house, and this is reflected in its hiring policy. For instance, you’d need to be at least 23 years before you can apply for a job at most trucking companies, but Prime Inc set their threshold at 21. Prime Inc also requires applicants to:

  • Have a verifiable work history and good references.
  • Have a valid license from state of permanent residence, plus a tanker endorsement.
  • Have an acceptable motor vehicle record.
  • Provide valid documents that prove US citizenship, such as a copy of your State certified birth certificate, U.S passport, or any valid document that shows your recent residence.
  • Provide proof of completed Substance Abuse Counseling in the event of a failed drug or alcohol-related test.

Also, applicants must possess or be able to obtain the TWIC Card, the U.S assort, as well as the Hamzat endorsement.

Applicants with criminal records are not outrightly rejected by the company. If the company’s background checks reveal that an applicant has been on the wrong side of the law in the past, the application will be subject to evaluation in relation to the position applied for. The company takes several factors into consideration including the number and type of convictions, the nature, and severity of the offense and the skills and experience of the applicant.

Hence, if you were charged with drugs or alcohol-related offenses in the past, the company will consider you for employment if you have not failed any drug or alcohol test in the last three years. However, it is important to note that some positions at Prime Inc require you to be clean for at least five to ten years prior to the date of application, and the company looks out for this while conducting background checks.

Furthermore, applicants with pending court cases or who are on probation will not be considered for employment by this company. Your best bet would be to clear up every case first and use your period of incarceration or restriction to learn new skills or engage in other productive pursuits.

They will definitely count in your favor when the time comes for you to put in your application. Because background checks are not meant to verify your status alone, the company uses them to ascertain what you bring to the table, if you have the skills required to move the company forward.

On a final note, if you have a criminal offense on your records, you’re advised to be forthright with it on the application. Don’t worry; it won’t impede your chances of success in any way.

FAQs About Applying For a Job at Prime Inc.

Applying For a Job at Prime Inc

Q: Do they ask about criminal records on their application?

A: Yes. Prime Inc asks about offences within the last five years, including convictions, traffic violations, DUI charges, etc.

Q: Do they carry out background checks?

A: Yes, but this does not negatively impact your chances of getting hired.

Q: What are their rates per mile?

A: Prime Inc 45 cents per mile to solo drivers hauling refrigerated trailers. You can earn an additional five cents per mile driving a lightweight tractor.


Finding a job when you have a record can be excruciatingly difficult, as most companies hardly give your application a second glance once you confess as much, or when their background checks reveal it. However, Prime Inc does not let this fact prejudice their opinion of you and your prospects. You can still secure employment with this company even with a criminal record.