Does PacSun Drug Test Employees?


Does PacSun Drug Test Employees?

Does PacSun Drug Test Their Employees?PacSun is a trendy, lifestyle clothing brand that is very in tune with “California-Esque” vibes. Founded in California’s very own Newport Besch in 1980, the brand has exploded to over 400 stores as of 2021.

PacSun sees yearly revenue of approximately $800 million dollars and has roughly 9,000 employees in all 50 states. A common question that occurs regarding PacSun is if they drug test their employees.

In this article, we will dive into the topic to ensure you are fully knowledgeable in the topic of PacSun and its potential drug testing policy.

Does PacSun Drug Test Their Employees?

Does PacSun Drug Test

While the policy may not hold true for high-ranking positions within PacSun, the fact of the matter is that PacSun does NOT generally drug test any of their employees at the store-based level.

Our research concluded that there is no evidence of PacSun ever drug testing a standard PacSun employee.

While we could not find data on those very high up at PacSun, it can be assumed that those types of positions could present an applicant or employee the possibility of a drug test.

Just like any other company, the highest positions have extreme importance, and if it was suspected an employee was on drugs, it seems entirely reasonable that PacSun would internally issue a drug test to the individual in question.

Why doesn’t PacSun drug test its employees?

In the simplest of terms, it’s not necessary. If an employee at the store level is not performing poorly on his or her tasks and appears to be sober, there is no reason to spend company funds on drug screening these employees.

Store-level employees are also fairly replaceable. If an employee seems to be not sober on the job, it would be reasonably assumed that termination or a stern warning would come first over a drug test.

As far as drug testing potential employees applying to work for PacSun, there is simply too many applicants. Mall and retail-based jobs tend to not have many requirements other than a level of friendliness, customer service, and a minimum working age.

For many, PacSun serves or had served as their first real entry job. Unless you are a manager or work within the corporate side of PacSun, there is no reason to be at all worried about a potential drug test. With that being said, we do not condone drug usage, especially in regards to it affecting your livelihood.

Is Pacsun’s drug testing policy standard?

In our research, it seems to be that PacSun’s policy of not drug testing their store employees is pretty true to par for similar companies and organizations.

Jobs that are generally paying near minimum wage are skewed to not having any drug testing, especially if it is a retail-based job. Certain jobs, such as a job that requires the operation of a vehicle, may be more likely to drug test their employees.

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What happens if you are subjected to a drug test?

What happens if you are subjected to a drug test?

According to our research, this would not happen while working at PacSun. Nevertheless, if you happen to be drug tested at work, the result of the test will determine your employment. Generally speaking, employers have a no-tolerance policy for drug usage.

This may not hold true in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, but even then, companies may have their own personal policy that says consuming marijuana is against their company’s policy and that it is enough grounds to be terminated from the job.

If you take a prescription medication, be sure to show that to your employer or whoever is conducting the drug test.

If you cannot show proof that the drug you tested positive for is actively prescribed to you, you may also find yourself in hot water and potentially be terminated.

If there is a possibility that your employer is drug testing its employees, our recommendation is to exclude from taking any drugs that could jeopardize your job and even your future career.

Will PacSun ever drug test its employees in the future?

Our research suggests that PacSun will stay firm on their policy of NOT drug testing their employees. The company has found great success since its 1980 inception, and there seems to be no reason to change how they operate their company.

We also believe that PacSun will not ever drug test their store employees based off of the fact that some may very well fail.

Being generally younger and at an age where experimenting with substances such as marijuana is relatively commonplace, PacSun would jeopardize losing a number of their employees.

Furthermore, their company brand and clothing style tend to match well with California, a state in which marijuana is known to be consumed in heavy frequency.

While we are not relying off of stereotypes to make our conclusion regarding PacSun’s policy x we can safely conclude that there is no worry of any drug test if you are a simple store worker at PacSun.


If you’ve never worked at PacSun or are thinking about applying, there’s no reason you would know if you could be subjected to a drug screening or not.

After our thorough research, we have come to the conclusion that PacSun does not ever drug test regular employees. Positions at PacSun in which you may be asked to be drug tested are probably less than 1% of their positions.

For instance, board members may want to drug test an executive officer of the company if he or she is acting erratic or clearly under the influence of a substance.

But for the 99% of other jobs at PacSun, we are confident you will never be drug tested.

Still, though, we urge anyone reading this to be responsible regardless of their company’s drug testing policy, and always show up to your job sober and in a good state of mind to perform your tasks and duties at your highest level.