Does Olive Garden Drug Test?


Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

Does Olive Garden Drug Test New Employees? – The Restaurant Chain’s Drug Testing Policy.

Most people in the country have eaten at an Olive Garden in the past. The restaurant offers delicious meals and a comfortable atmosphere.

On the weekend, many consumers enjoy themselves by visiting their local Olive Garden restaurants with their friends and family members. Someone has to serve these individuals.

Olive Garden employees are responsible for preparing meals, serving customers, and keeping the restaurant clean.

Those looking for employment should consider applying for a position at their local Olive Garden. More about the company’s drug-testing policies will be provided below.

Does Olive Garden Drug Test in 2022?

Does Olive Garden Drug Test

Olive Garden has to maintain its reputation. Otherwise, consumers will be hesitant to visit this restaurant. Suffice to say, a drugged employee could create major issues for Olive Garden and its customers.

To prevent these problems, the company will drug test workers. The applicant will have to give a sample to ensure that they’re not on drugs.

When someone fails a drug test before getting a job with Olive Garden, they will lose that opportunity. They can likely try again in a few months, but that opportunity is gone.

Typically, the company checks applicants for PCP, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamine. While Olive Garden may drug test workers, it usually does not drug test during the pre-employment hiring process.

About Olive Garden’s Hiring Procedure

Olive Garden has a unique hiring procedure to ensure that it picks the best workers. First, it is up to the job seeker to apply for a position with Olive Garden. Start by finding Olive Garden jobs in your area.

Using Google is an excellent way to do that. You can also visit Olive Garden’s careers website which allows applicants to search for jobs. The site has a chat feature and a search feature.

You can search for specific types of jobs such as server, busser, dishwasher, manager, or line cook jobs. Alternatively, you can search for jobs based on your zip code or address.

After you’ve found a job that works for you, apply for it. You can do this online so you don’t need to leave home. Once you’ve applied, you’ll have to wait for the company to contact you.

When the HR person calls you, you’ll likely set up an interview. If the interview goes well, the HR person will offer you a job. At this point, you’ll be asked to get drug tested.

How The Drug Test At Olive Garden Works

How The Drug Test At Olive Garden Works

Olive Garden’s drug testing procedure is simple although it will take a bit longer because it is a urine drug test. After the interview, you’ll receive the necessary materials.

The paperwork will tell the clinic worker what type of test to conduct and where the sample should be sent. You’ll have to travel to a nearby drug testing facility.

Once you arrive, give the paperwork to the person at the desk. Once it is your turn, you’ll have to urinate in a sample cup.

In most cases, you won’t be watched while doing this, but you could be. Regardless, you must fill the cup and give it back to the clinic’s representative who will take care of the rest.

They’ll ship your sample to a laboratory where it’ll be checked for drugs. Once Olive Garden receives the results, you’ll find out soon enough. If you passed the test, you’ll likely get the job and can begin working shortly.

While this is the normal procedure, Olive Garden usually does not drug test new workers.

Olive Garden Pre-Employment Drug Screen

Many companies will drug test job applicants before giving them positions. Is this something you’ll experience when trying to get a job at your local Olive Garden? Typically, you will.

Olive Garden strives to ensure that it has hired the best workers. It depends on consumers who are eager to eat at their local Olive Garden restaurants. If the company gets a bad reputation, it’ll have a difficult time staying afloat.

Suffice to say, hiring drug abusers is not wise. The company uses pre-employment drug tests to avoid potential problems. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that Olive Garden typically does not drug test new workers.

Typically, only people applying for managerial jobs will be drug tested before they’re hired. If you’re trying to get one of these jobs, you should stop using drugs for several months before applying. As for entry-level positions, there usually isn’t a drug test.

Olive Garden Random Drug Tests

Random Drug Tests

You may be worried about random drug tests while working at Olive Garden. The company has the right to randomly drug test its workers. It can do this at any point.

Nevertheless, it is not common. The company rarely uses random drug tests. In general, Olive Garden does not use pre-employment drug tests or random drug tests. You shouldn’t have to worry about either.

When Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

While the company doesn’t use pre-employment drug tests, it will drug test in other circumstances. If you’re promoted to a management job, you may be drug tested.

Furthermore, you have to worry about being drug tested after being hurt at work. In general, employers are responsible for workers that get hurt at work. They’ll have to pay their medical bills.

Companies can avoid being liable for these costs by drug testing workers who are injured. If it is confirmed that the worker was high when they got hurt, the company can likely get out of the liability.

Instead, it will decide that the worker was responsible because they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they got hurt. These are usually the only times when Olive Garden will drug test.

Which Drug Test Does Olive Garden Use?

Before getting a job at Olive Garden, it is wise to learn more about the company’s drug tests. You normally won’t be drug tested before being hired. However, there is always a risk that you’ll be drug tested after this point.

Therefore, you should prepare by learning as much as you can about Olive Garden’s drug tests. What type of test will the company use to test you and other employees?

It is common for Olive Garden to use urine drug tests because they’re efficient, inexpensive, and effective. If you’re required to take a urine drug test, you’ll have to urinate in a cup.

The sample will be sent to a laboratory where it’ll be tested for drugs. Once Olive Garden receives the results, it’ll decide what to do. In most cases, workers are only drug tested when they’re hurt on the job or applying for a management position.

Failing An Olive Garden Test For Prescription Medications

Failing An Olive Garden Test

Are you worried that your prescription medications are going to cause you to fail your upcoming Olive Garden drug test? Ultimately, there is a risk that your test will be positive because of prescription medications.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t impact your ability to get the job. Typically, companies understand that some people have to use prescription medications daily.

If your medications were prescribed by a licensed medical professional, it shouldn’t stop you from getting the job. It is pertinent to tell your manager about the medications that you’re using daily.

Give them copies of your prescriptions and tell them how they can get in touch with your doctor. Once they’ve confirmed that your prescriptions are valid, a failed test for these drugs won’t be held against you.


When you decide to get a job, you have to prepare for a potential drug test. At Olive Garden, applicants generally won’t be required to get tested during the pre-employment process unless they’re trying to get a management job.

While random drug tests are possible, they don’t happen often. In most cases, Olive Garden workers will only be drug tested if they were injured at work. If this happens, you can expect to take a urine drug test.

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