Does Lyft Hire Employees with Felony Convictions?


Does Lyft Hire Employees with Felony Convictions?

Lyft is a popular transportation company within the US. This company provides a service where you can request transportation through the use of the Lyft app. Some services provided by Lyft include shared rides,  bicycle and scooter service. Being transported to your destination by a stranger has its risks. This is why Lyft is meticulous when approving drivers to work for them. The need for care when hiring drivers has led many individuals to ask ‘does Lyft hire felons?’

On Lyft’s website, they do not state categorically that they will not offer to employ people with felony convictions. However, they provide a list of offenses that may prevent them from hiring the job applicant. Also, the company states that they are welcoming to applicants of diverse origins and backgrounds.

Things you should know if you are a felon that wants to work for Lyft

felon that wants to work for Lyft

1. Lyft does not support Ban-the-box. Hence, there is a category on their job application form where they ask about your criminal history. The ban-the-box campaign was created to give ex-convicts a better chance of getting employed. This campaign states that employers should not ask about criminal history until the interview stage. In some cases, questions about criminal history can only be asked after the employer has made a conditional offer of employment to the applicant.

Due to their lack of support for the ban-the-box movement, a dispute was filed against the company in Philadelphia. This dispute was caused by their refusal to follow the Ban-the-box law in Philadelphia. Significantly Lyft, Inc. is a not a supporter of the Fair Chance Business Pledge either.

2. Lyft does not have any employment programs for ex-convicts. While the company has stated that it shows transparency and diversity in hiring, there are no programs for hiring felons.

3. To be hired as a Lyft driver, you will need to approve a background check. This background check is carried out by a third party and the results are reviewed to the company (Lyft). The outcome of this check will determine if you are approved as a Lyft driver.

Alongside the background check, Lyft will check your driving records. If you have had any major moving violations, incidents that involve driving under the influence and fatal accidents in the last 10 years, Lyft may deem you ineligible for approval. If your driving record is the reason why you are not being offered employment, you will be informed.  Usually this information can be gotten from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

4. Felonies which can endanger the lives of customers/riders if repeated are not tolerated. Some of these felonies included Arson, robbery, assault, terrorism, sexual assault, drug-related crimes, homicide, kidnapping, and driving under the influence.

5. Lyft does not conduct drug screenings. Lyft has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drug use. However, the company does not screen job applicants to ascertain if they use drugs or not. Significantly, if your background check shows drug-related offenses, you may not be hired by Lyft.

6. Lyft adheres to the laws of the state when hiring drivers. If the state you reside in requires that you have a commercial driving license to work for Lyft, this will be a requirement. Before applying to work for Lyft, check if there are any requirements specifically for the state or region where you reside.

7. You can work in the Lyft office or as a driver. If you are adequately educated and want a full-time job, you  can apply for the available office positions. If you want to be your own boss and prefer a part-time job, you can apply for the position of Driver.

Despite all the hassles involved in being approved to work as a driver for Lyft, this is a worthwhile job. Working as a driver, you will be your own boss. You will be able to decide when to work or go home. If you already have a job, this is a great way to make extra money. This is also a suitable means of employment for students who want to make some money in their spare time.

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Does Lyft Hire Felons?

does lyft hire felons

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So, does Lyft hire felons? can felons drive for lyft? The answer to this question is uncertain. After examining the policies of the company, we have found that the existence of a felony in your criminal history may make you ineligible as a Lyft driver. Furthermore, very few people have stated that Lyft offered them employment despite their criminal record. Despite the lack of clarity on if Lyft hires felons, we encourage you to apply all the same. If your application is rejected by Lyft, we recommend that you apply to other similar companies like Uber.