Does Kroger Hire Felons?


Does Kroger Hire Felons?

It is a good idea to start here. Does Kroger hire felons? Within this article, readers will learn more about Kroger and its hiring policies.

Being a felon will undoubtedly make your life harder but it isn’t the end of the world. With that being said, you need to learn to overcome your past mistakes and thrive in life.

Once you’ve received a felony conviction on your record, you’ll have a difficult time getting a good job. You’ll have to think outside of the box and apply for many jobs until you find one that accepts felons.

Certain grocery store chains frequently hire felons so it is a good idea to submit an application with grocery store chains. Kroger is one of the top grocery store chains in the United States.

Learn About Kroger

Learn About Kroger

First, you should learn a bit more about The Kroger Company. It is an American retail company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. In terms of revenue, Kroger is the country’s largest supermarket. In addition to this, it is the 2nd largest general retailer only behind Walmart.

The publicly-traded company is the 23rd corporation on the Fortune 500 list of United States corporations based on total revenue. The company was founded in 1883 when 23-year-old Bernard Kroger spent his life savings of $372 to open his first grocery store in Cincinnati.

Kroger made it a priority to never sell things he wouldn’t want. It wouldn’t take long for Bernard to find success since he opened his second store a year later. The Kroger and Baking Company was incorporated by 1902 and the company had 40 stores around this time.

Kroger was the first grocery store to also have a bakery. Kroger has proven to be a powerhouse in the industry since it is more successful than ever. The company has expanded beyond the grocery store industry.

For instance, it now runs 144 jewelry stores, 1,603 fuel centers, 224 in-store medical clinics, and 2,254 pharmacies. It also had convenience stores at one time but they were sold to EG Group in 2018.

In 2019, it was revealed that the company had roughly 453,000 employees. Suffice to say, it always needs new workers.

With a little bit of luck, you’ll land a good job at your local Kroger store. Can you get a job with the company despite having a felony conviction on your record?

Does Kroger Hire Felons?

Does Kroger Hire Felons?

The good news is that Kroger has been known to hire felons. The company hires felons from time to time, but it is not going to hire all felons.

If you have a felony conviction in your past, there is a good chance that you can get a job with Kroger. Just remember that it is never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you do and you don’t get the job, you won’t have a backup plan. It is wise to apply with Kroger and a handful of other companies.

Kroger warehouse might hire you, but they might not. Having other options will help ensure that you get a job as quickly as possible. Kroger evaluates each applicant before deciding whether they should hire them.

The company will consider your conviction, employment history, and education. If you’re a good candidate, the company may hire you despite your criminal record.

Submitting An Application To Kroger

As a felon, you have to work harder to get the job. First, you’ll need to fill out and submit an application. Although it seems like a simple task, it isn’t.

It will prove to be harder than you might imagine because you want to get everything perfect. Otherwise, a mistake or omission on your application could lead to disqualification.

You need to be honest when answering the questions on the application. If you lie about your criminal history or education, the company will find out and you won’t get the job. Remember that Kroger will likely run a background check on you.

Therefore, they’re going to find out more about your past. Kroger does not have a specific hiring policy for felons. Instead, the company tends to evaluate each applicant based on a handful of factors.

Typically, the HR representative will consider the crime you’ve been convicted of and how long it has been.

Furthermore, the hiring manager will make a decision use his or her personal opinion. It is hard to know whether the company will hire you but it could.

More About Kroger’s Background Check Procedure

When you try to get a job with Kroger, you’re likely going to be required to accept a background check. You’ll give the company permission to background check you.

Therefore, it would be unwise to lie about your criminal past. In most cases, criminal background checks are not going to be comprehensive. Research has indicated that Kroger’s background check will go back seven years.

Therefore, they shouldn’t find anything that happened eight or nine years ago. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say that this happens every time.

Be careful and tell the truth. Don’t get caught lying on your application because this will prevent you from getting the job.

Tips For Getting A Job At Kroger Warehouse As A Felon

Remember that Kroger sometimes hires convicted felons. As long as you’re a good candidate, you can likely get the position. You should take steps to improve your chances of landing the job. Be sure to use the tips below to boost your chances.

  • First and foremost, you have to be open and honest. Whether you’re filling out the application or gearing up for the interview, be honest. You should learn how to talk about your criminal past. Tell the interviewer what you’ve done to improve and how you’ve overcome your past.
  • It is wise to submit a short, concise letter with the Kroger application. The letter should detail your past and the mistakes you made. You’ll also want to use it to tell the HR representative why you’re a good candidate. Check the letter numerous times to make sure it is free of errors.
  • Again, be honest. Live up to your past mistakes. Take responsibility for what you’ve done. If you try to blame someone else, it’ll give the HR manager the wrong idea.

Since Kroger hires felons, you could be added to the roster soon. Use the tips below and you’ll have a better chance of getting the job.


Kroger indeed hires felons but not all of them. Therefore, you should take steps to boost your odds. Use the advice above. Be honest and ready to talk about your past. Prove to the interviewer that you’re the best candidate and you might get the job.

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