Does Hot Topic Drug Test


Does Hot Topic Drug Test

Hot Topic is a clothing retailer, headquartered in Industry, California. Hot Topic gear targets an audience of rock & roll fans and video game players.

The publicly traded company reported about 40 percent of its total revenue is contributed to the sale of licensed t-shirts of various rock & roll banks.

Hot Topic partners with graphic artists, film studios, and musical artists to promote a broad range of products, all of which are licensed.

Hot Topic providers young consumers with a selection of shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, denim jeans, hoodies, jackets, footwear, tights, swimwear, socks, lingerie, pajamas, slippers, loungewear, animation figures, skater skirts, belts, jewelry, collectibles, and cosmetics.

There are approximately 675 Hot Topic locations, most of which are located in malls.

Hot Topic History

Hot Topic History

Hot Topic was established by former The Children’s Place’ executive, Orv Madden, in 1989. Ten years later, Hot Topic became a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ. Madden served as CEO of Hot Topic until 2000, at which time American businesswoman Betsy McLaughlin stepped up to assume the position.

McLaughlin was replaced by Lisa Harper in the first quarter of 2011. Steve Vranes is currently serving as CEO for Hot Topic.

Sycamore Partners, a New York-headquartered private equity firm, entered into an agreement to acquire Hot Topic for $600 million in 2013.

In the 2000s, the company faced a lot of controversy for selling silicone-based jelly bracelets “gel bracelets”. In 2003, rumors began to surface, connecting the jelly bracelet to a sex game.

The rumors became widespread, driving young adolescents to the silicone bracelets. The urban legend rumors resulted in the jelly bracelets being dubbed “sex bracelets”.

Even with the rumors spreading like a wildfire throughout the United States, Hot Topic refused to remove the jelly bracelets from its stores.

The company was also facing controversy for promoting a pant design called “phat pants”, also known as “phats” and “phatties”. Rumors associated phatties with BDSM bondage.

The bondage trousers received the same response from adolescents as the sex bracelets, causing quite a stir among activist groups and parents.

Why Work At Hot Topic

Hot Topic employees love their jobs, or they wouldn’t do it. Working for a company that believes in providing its workers with one of the highest in-store discounts is awesome.

Hot Topic workers qualify for a 40-percent discount on clothing, footwear, and accessories. A 20-percent discount is deducted from items in the video and music departments.

The 40-percent employee discount is rarely heard of in the retail industry, which makes working at Hot Topic worthwhile for many people.

Hot Topic management benefits include:

  • Vision and dental insurance plans
  • Life insurance plans
  • Health care insurance plans
  • Paid Time Off “PTO”
  • Paid vacations
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance plans
  • Onsite health care services
  • Flexible work schedules
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Hot Topic Employment Application

Getting hired at Hot Topic begins with a virtual job search via the company’s official website. Visit the official website and click on the “Search Job Openings” feature to access a list of available positions. Click on the “Search Job Openings” to access a list of Hot Topic departments:

  • Marketing
  • E-commerce & Digital
  • HQ & DC
  • Merchandise Planning & Allocation
  • Product Development
  • Merchandising & Visual Design
  • Customer Experience
  • Distribution and Operations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources “HR”
  • Information Technology “IT”

Click on the department that you are most interested in targeting. Select a Hot Topic department and access a list of available job positions. Each open job position includes the location and part- or full-time scheduling need.

Hot Topic is currently seeking qualified applicants to fill a broad range of open positions:

  • Director of Information Security
  • Business Systems Manager – ERP Applications
  • Help Desk Associate
  • Manager of IT Service Management
  • Lead Integration Developer
  • PMO Manager
  • Senior Systems Analyst
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Influencer Specialist
  • Associate Manager, Social Media
  • Junior Graphic Designer
  • Drop Ship Admin (Remote)
  • Customer Service Representative (Remote/Seasonal)
  • Merchandising Coordinator (Print on Demand)
  • Customer Service Representative (Remote)
  • Paid Search Analyst
  • Email Marketing Analyst

Once you find a suitable open position, click on the “View Job” feature to access a job description, job requirements, and “What You’ll Need” to get started.

Just below the job description, you will find a link to the Hot Topic resume submission “Attach Resume/CV” link. Here, you can upload your resume and submit it, along with your personal information to Hot Topic.

Hot Topic’s employment application is paperless.

Does Hot Topic Drug Test all Qualified Job Applicants?

Does Hot Topic Drug Test

Only managerial positions require a pre-employment drug screen. In other words, Hot Topic does not screen qualified job candidates that are seeking employment in departments, other than management.

Keyholder positions also require pre-employment drug screens, according to current and former Hot Topic employees.

Sales associate positions do not require pre-employment drug tests. According to some employees, Hot Topic does drug test qualified job applicants who seek a warehouse position.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does Hot Topic Require A Drug Test?

Only managerial and keyholder positions qualify for pre-employment drug screens. If you are asked to submit a urine sample for a pre-employment drug test, you will be required to visit an authorized drug testing facility in close proximity to the Hot Topic’s location.

What Happens At A Hot Topic Interview?

A member of the management team oversees the interview process. Job applicants meet with a Hot Topic manager who conducts the interview. Job applicants are questioned about their movie, book, television series, and the musical band likes and dislikes. The interview process is straightforward from start to finish.

Applicants are required to answer a series of retail-based questions.

Job applicants who are chosen to advance to the second stage of the hiring process will be required to undergo a secondary interview. Applicants are asked to schedule an appointment for the second interview.

Do You Have To Be Goth To Work At Hot Topic?

No, Hot Topics hires people with all kinds of interests. Goth is not a requirement to get hired at Hot Topic.


Hot Topic is constantly looking for qualified applicants for various positions. The application and interview processes are relaxed and speedy. Apply today to determine if you qualify for Hot Topic employment.