Does Grubhub Hire Felons?


Does Grubhub Hire Felons?

Does Grubhub Hire Convicted Felons? When leaving prison, felons will find out that one of the more difficult problems for them is finding employment. Due to their background, they will be rejected from many organizations (especially major organizations) due to the damage that reoffense can have on their public image – recently, Uber suffered a public image problem due to an employee committing a sexual assault on a customer.

This is something that these huge companies wish to avoid, so be prepared to find difficulties in finding employment in food delivery if you have a history of violent crime.

It is not, however, impossible. Food delivery, at large, is an excellent industry to try and find employment in as there is a high demand for employees (some companies “proactively employ” drivers, so they will employ and enroll drivers and notify them as soon as work becomes available), the industry has flexible hours, and there is good money to be earned – on average, drivers will earn between $10 and $12 an hour, with more experienced drivers earning between $15 and $18.

Grubhub also offers drivers the opportunity to earn at very least the minimum wage while they are working, so they will not have to worry about their financial situation if they face long periods of inactivity during a shift. We’ll examine how GrubHub recruits and if it is possible for a felon to get a job delivering food for them.

Does Grubhub Hire Felons?

Does Grubhub Hire Felons?

Grubhub does not generally hire those who are convicted felons or have multiple misdemeanor offenses on their records. This is to protect the companies image and ensure the safety of all customers – although it may not be fair to hold a mistake that an individual made a number of years ago against them, felons have a high re-offense rate and, as such, Grubhub considers them to be a danger to their customers and will not take the risk.

In applying to Grubhub, you will be required to complete a form for their background check that will show any prior convictions. Although Grubhub does not release details of their background check themselves, it works like this:

  • All applicants must be 19 years old (or 21 years old in Chicago)
  • All applicants must have at least 2 years of driving experience
  • All applicants must have access to an Apple cell phone with either iOS 10 or higher or an Android cell with 4.0 or higher
  • All applicants who will be driving must have a valid driver’s license and car insurance
  • All applicants who will be using bikes must have a valid stated ID
  • All applicants must have a checking account for direct deposit
  • All applicants must pass a driving and criminal background check

The criminal background check

For the sake of this article, only the final section is of interest to us, however, if you do not fulfill the criteria for the previous 6 then you will not be able to work for Grubhub either. The background check is not carried out by Grubhub themselves, but by a third-party company called Checkr – this company supports many businesses in the “gig economy” space such as Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash.

If you do not succeed in passing the background check when applying to Grubhub, you will also probably not be able to work for any other companies that Checkr works with.

Checkr’s screening process is quick and effective and they say that applicants can expect a reply within a few days of applying, with multiple Grubhub workers online saying that they only waited 2 days for their check to arrive via email.

Legal requirements for running a criminal background check

criminal background check

It is important to understand that a company can only investigate your criminal background if you give them explicit permission to do so after they have inquired clearly and conspicuously.

If you fail to gain employment due to your criminal background check, it is also a legal necessity for the company who has rejected you on those grounds to disclose precisely the reasons they feel that your criminal background would not be suited for the position.

If you believe that there has been an error in your check or that the company performing the check did not carry out the check legally, contact legal assistance, and try to amend this issue.

After the background check

Most importantly for a criminal background check to work for Grubhub, Checkr will run checks for your criminal history relating to driving offenses, felony charges, and any sexual or violent crimes. Grubhub say themselves that they will not consider those who have felony charge DUI convictions on their record, nor will they employ those who are potentially dangerous to the customers that they will be delivering to.

If there are these kinds of convictions on your criminal record, you may wish to address this before applying.

Additionally, it may be difficult to find employment if you have restrictions on your license – if an individual is only legally allowed to drive during times of the day or is barred from entering certain areas, then Grubhub may not want to employ you; if you have criminal charges that means you will not be able to travel within a certain distance of schools, for example, then you may want to explore ways for you to show that you are reformed and no longer need this restriction.

It should be noted that Grubhub automatically disqualifies those who they see as dangerous criminals or have major violations on their record, but it does not mean that if you have a criminal record that you will not be able to work for them – if you have some violations on your driving or criminal record, you may still be considered for the position.

The most important thing, as with all these restrictions, is that you show that you are reformed and will not re-offend in the future.

There are multiple stories to be found online from people who have criminal convictions (including driving convictions) who have been able to find employment with the company, so stay hopeful even if you receive a rejected application; there are many different food delivery services available, so of whom do not include a criminal background check in their application process.

How best to find employment with Grubhub despite a felony charge

How best to find employment with Grubhub despite a felony charge

If you still wish to work for Grubhub whilst having a felony conviction, you may want to explore ways for you to pass the background check and possibly remove your felony charges from your record. With criminal background checks, most only investigate arrests between 7 and 10 years prior to the present day.

If you were arrested for a crime further back in time than that, then your arrests may not show up on your background check and you will not be held back on that account. However, federal law states there is no limit for conviction records, so this will not be a good plan if you spent time in prison after a conviction.

A better course of action would be to seek legal aid in order to expunge the charge from your criminal record – this will mean that any background check (including background checks carried out by those who are working as a third party for others) cannot include the conviction in their reports.

This is important as, although usually a misdemeanor and felony criminal charges appear on any potential background check that you would carry out indefinitely, you can remove them through expunging them and you can start your life again. If this is something that you feel you would like to investigate, seek legal aid in your area.

Different states have different requirements for what is required for a felony to be able to expunge their criminal past from their record, but important factors across the board include the time that has passed since the conviction, education and rehabilitation courses that the individual has completed since the conviction, and how the individual has reformed since their jail time.

A general condition for being allowed to expunge a felony charge is showing that you have been an individual with a good moral character who adds to society; although this a vague and difficult condition to fulfill, if you can successfully show that you are reformed and ready for another chance in life, then you will have the best chance possible of succeeding.

Again, seek legal aid to help support you through this expungement as it can be a long and difficult process that will require expert help and legal know-how to succeed.

A hope despite a felony conviction

Lastly, there are reports of felons who have found employment with Grubhub despite their criminal record – if you live in an area with a high demand for drivers or riders to deliver food, there is a chance that Grubhub may take a chance on you.

It wouldn’t be wise to place all your hope in the company making an exception in your case, but there is a possibility you will find employment regardless of your record if the correct conditions are met.

Still, there are other companies such as Uber who will not want to investigate your criminal record, so it may be a better idea to apply for other positions in the same field to improve your chances of finding employment.