Does Genworth Career Financial Hire Felons?


Does Genworth Career Financial Hire Felons?

If you have a record and think about getting into the insurance industry, you have come to the perfect place. We browsed the internet to know the answer to this question: Does Genworth Career Financial Hire Felons? We were curious to find out if they were open to this idea as well as what talents and skills they want from their applicants.

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We worked hard to research all the necessary materials and provide the most accurate information on this subject. Since many people have felonies themselves (or work with those who have committed a crime), we have a general idea of what you might be looking for.

To clarify the whole subject, we will start by answering the following questions:

  • Does Genworth Career Financial do background checks on its applicants?
  • If so, when does this practice take place?
  • What is your best chance to get hired if you have a record?
  • Does Genworth Financial hire applicants with misdemeanors?
  • What level of education should you have in order to get hired?
  • Let us dive into the details and discover how to get hired at Genworth with a felony or a misdemeanor.
  • What is the official company policy for hiring people with a record?

After being asked if they hire felons, Genworth Financials gave this exact response:

“As a company that has roots in insurance, we are in collaboration with current industry standards for hiring applicants with past felony convictions.”

This does not really say a lot by itself, but after a deep and insightful online research, we can say they are not really comfortable with the idea of hiring people with a record. But, this is not the final judgment, read on to find out more.

There is a federal law (1994) which was called the Violent Crime and Enforcement Act. This code says that basically, it is a federal crime for someone to engage in insurance industry work if he or she has been convicted of a state felony.

Sadly, your felony is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome to even get a chance at being hired at Genworth. Some felonies make it virtually impossible to be even considered at getting a job here.

If you think you got talent and skill and are willing to overcome the long process of appeals to state commissioner where you want to get hired, then there is a good chance you might get hired.

Did Genworth Financial hire felons in the past?

After going through a substantial amount of documents and website applications, we have found no such accidents.

Does Genworth Financial hire applicants with little crimes?

Again, considering the company’s declaration regarding their hiring restrictions and federal laws, it is not quite certain whether people with less serious offenses will be considered or not. We think that the reality of this actually happening is low, but.

Does Genworth Financial practice The Ban The Box List program?

The Ban The Box list program is a movement by a civil rights group that assists those with felonies to get hired by eliminating the checkbox which permits employers to ask applicants about their criminal records.

California, Hawaii, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington have all become practitioners of this program.

Unfortunately, Genworth Financial is not among those who practice this program. Their application will definitely include some questions about your prior convictions and felonies. Whether you will get hired after this or not depends on your skills and expertise. However, we have asked some applicants who said that after mentioning criminal records to Genworth, they have never heard from them again.

There are other similar programs to Ban The Box. Fair Chance Business Pledge was brought to light in 2016 as a wake-up call to companies in private sectors to get rid of some barriers reformed convicts face when re-entering society and applying for various jobs. I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that Genworth Financial does not participate in this program, either.

Do they have special programs for hiring people with records?

We are out of luck on this one too. Genworth Financial does not include any special programs in their business practices which might help prior felons get a job or even an internship. They are bound to several federal laws by which they are prevented from creating some type of rehabilitation program for people with misdemeanors.

Are there good odds someone with a prior felony will get hired at Genworth Financials?

Does Genworth Career Financial Hire Felons?

Since we took Ban The Box and Fair Chance Business Pledge out of the picture, there is very little to no chance of getting hired by this company.

Also, almost every insurance company requires its employees to get secured (this means being insured and having an agent license). You probably know that this will make getting a job extremely hard for a felon.

However, it is possible that you will have a better chance with a misdemeanor.

Are there any entry-level jobs?

Typically, Genworth is searching for applicants who have experience in the insurance industry. You can go ahead and check the career section on their website to see if they have opportunities in the fields you are qualified for.

Since a felony will ban you from working in the insurance sector, you might want to look for jobs outside of sales. Think of IT or customer service. If you have a minor, non-threatening crime and are qualified for a side job, you definitely have better odds than other people.

Final words – Can you get hired at Genworth Financial with a record?

Unfortunately, you probably will not have a good chance of getting a job at Genworth Financial with a criminal record, or any other felony.

If you have found a felon-friendly job at Genworth and have the necessary skill set, go ahead and apply for an online application.

But, be as truthful and honest as possible in your interview, do not hide anything about your past or crimes. Your record will most likely come up sooner or later and you will be at risk of getting fired.

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