Does Family Dollar Drug Test?


Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Family Dollar has been providing Americans with low-cost goods for many years. It directly competes with Dollar General in many areas.

When looking for employment, you should not hesitate to check out the employment opportunities available through Family Dollar. Since the company has plenty of stores in America, it has plenty of employment opportunities.

However, it is important to make sure that you can complete the company’s pre-employment screen. In some cases, Family Dollar may background check and drug screen its workers. Therefore, you need to be ready for both.

Below, you’re going to learn more about Family Dollar and its drug testing policy.

More About Family Dollar

Family Dollar

First and foremost, you should learn as much as you can about Family Dollar. The company runs an American chain of variety stores. Today, there are more than 8,000 stores in the United States.

However, it should be noted that the company does not have stores in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, or Oregon. At one time, it was the second-largest store of its kind until it was purchased by Dollar Tree. Family Dollar was acquired by Dollar Tree in 2015.

This came after activist investor Carl Icahn demanded the company be put up for sale. A month later, Dollar Tree confirmed that it would be purchasing Family Dollar for $8.5 billion.

Once again, the company would be pressured by an activist investor. In March of 2019, Family Dollar announced it would close roughly 400 stores after being pressured by an activist investor. Many of these stores were shut down, but some were replaced by Dollar Tree stores.

Either way, there are approximately 8,200 stores with 60,000 employees. Anyone who is looking for a job should consider applying for a position with Family Dollar. Since they have plenty of opportunities, you might find one with this company.

Benefits Of Working At Family Dollar 

Getting a job at Family Dollar can be exciting. Is it rewarding? Ultimately, employees will receive access to a handful of benefits.

The company offers a 401k plan, flexible schedules, and health insurance. Employees will also be able to access paid time off and vacation time.

However, you have to meet certain requirements before you can access these benefits. With this in mind, you’ll want to talk to your supervisor so you can find out what benefits are available to you.

It pays off to stick with Family Dollar because the benefits get better as you stay with the company.

Working At Family Dollar 

Once you’ve decided to get a job at Family Dollar, you’ll want to learn more about the jobs available to you. The possibilities are endless.

However, some positions are available more often. For instance, it is common for Family Dollar to hide customer service representatives. Once you’ve landed this type of job, you’ll need to help customers.

When someone visits a Family Dollar, they may need assistance finding items they want to buy. Therefore, you’ll want to help them.

In addition to this, customer service representatives stay busy by helping stock shelves and check out customers.

You’ll perform a handful of tasks throughout the day. Applicants can also try getting a job as a manager. It is a good idea to check the jobs that are available in your area. Once you’ve done that, you should apply for a position that works well for you.

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Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

Does Family Dollar Drug Test

According to Family Dollar’s Code of Business Conduct, the company strives to provide safe, drug-free working conditions for all workers.

As a result, the company will drug test its workers. In addition to this, Family Dollar retains the right to conduct random drug tests on its employees.

In general, the company will drug test its workers after an accident. They also have the right to drug test workers when they have suspicions that the worker could be using drugs. Finally, Family Dollar may drug test workers who are given promotions to certain positions.

Therefore, workers at a Family Dollar store should be ready to pass a drug test. You never know when the company is going to conduct a drug test. It is best to be clean so you can avoid any issues.

Family Dollar & Pre-Employment Drug Tests

When attempting to get a job with Family Dollar, there is a chance that you’ll be asked to take a pre-employment drug test.

After all, the company wants to make sure that it has hired the best candidate for the job. Do you meet its requirements? If you fail a drug test, you likely won’t get the job. Family Dollar drug tests all candidates.

It is best to perform drug tests before someone is added to the roster. Therefore, the company will conduct drug tests on workers before they’re hired. The precise policy tends to vary from one store to another.

Some stores follow the company’s strict pre-employment drug testing protocols, but others do not. With that being said, it is best to make sure that you can pass the test. If you can, you’ll have no trouble landing the job.

What Drugs Will Family Dollar Check For?

Family Dollar uses a 5-panel drug test. Therefore, it is going to check for the five most common drugs. The company generally checks for THC, cocaine, PCP, amphetamine, and opiates.

If you’ve been abusing one or more of these drugs, there is a good chance that you’re going to fail the drug test.

Anyone who fails a Family Dollar drug test likely won’t get the job. Therefore, it is pertinent to make sure that you can pass the test so you can begin working and making money.

What Drug Tests Will Family Dollar Use?

Although it depends on the store in question, most Family Dollar stores will use a 5-panel urine test. Companies prefer using these tests because they’re inexpensive and reliable.

If you’re going to apply for a position at a local Family Dollar, you will likely be required to take a urine drug test, and that test will check for the five most commonly abused drugs.

Family Dollars in West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Michigan have been known to use urine drug tests. There is a good chance that stores in other states do too.

When Does Family Dollar Drug Test Its Workers?

When Does Family Dollar Drug Test Its Workers

Remember that Family Dollar is going to conduct drug tests at multiple points. Most people will be required to take a drug test before they can get a job with the company.

Once you’ve completed the interview, you’ll likely be offered a job with the company. If you accept the position, you will be asked to take a drug test. Once this happens, you’ll have 48 hours to submit a sample.

To do this, you’ll need to visit a drug testing facility and follow the instructions of the person in charge. Most people will be asked to take a drug test immediately after the interview and accepting the position.

Depending on the store, you may have to take a drug test in the store. Otherwise, you’ll be sent to a local testing facility. Either way, the pre-employment drug test happens after the interview.

In addition to this, Family Dollar has the right to drug test its workers on the spot. For instance, the company could drug test when someone gets injured and when they’re given a promotion.

It is pertinent to be ready for anything. However, most workers report that Family Dollar rarely drug tests workers on the spot.

Passing A Family Dollar Drug Test

It is pertinent to do everything you can to pass a Family Dollar drug test. Although you can tinker with synthetic urine and detoxes, these products may not be effective.

Therefore, it is pertinent to do what you can to make sure that you’re going to pass the test. The best way to do that is by staying clean. If you avoid using drugs, you can rest assured knowing you’ll pass the drug test.

Before submitting your application, it is wise to stop using drugs. Try to stay clean for a few weeks or longer. Once you’ve done that, your system will be clean and you’ll be able to pass the test without any issues whatsoever. If you’re caught using synthetic urine, you’ll get into trouble.

Therefore, it is best to avoid using these products. At the very least, you should fully understand the repercussions of getting caught using these products.

Getting A Job With Family Dollar

At the end of the day, a lot of people would like to get a job with Family Dollar. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to submit an application as soon as possible.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to wait to hear back from the company. If you receive an interview request, you’ll likely need to take a drug test soon.

Most people will be asked to take a drug test once they’ve completed the interview and have accepted the position. It is best to refrain from drugs so you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ll be able to pass the drug test.

FAQs on Family Dollar Drug Test

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Family Dollar Use

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Family Dollar Use?

Family Dollar normally uses urine drug tests. These tests check for five commonly abused drugs.

Does Family Dollar Drug Test On The Spot?

The company maintains the right to perform drug tests on the spot when someone is injured or given a promotion. However, it is rare.

Is Family Dollar Felon Friendly?

In general, most stores will not hire felons. However, it depends on which state you’re in and the HR representative.