Does Autozone Hire Felons?


Does Autozone Hire Felons?

Finding employment in an AutoZone may be a successful start at a new life for felons who are leaving prison and they may be able to find a kick start a career in auto repairs, especially if they have previous experience in the field. However, they do run a background check and there are some general restrictions that felons in the search of employment may have to workaround.

What does Autozone expect from its employees?

What does Autozone expect from their employees?

There are a number of qualities that Autozone expects from its employees: quality work delivered consistently, a positive attitude, can work well with the general public, and is honest. These seem fairly low barriers to entry for most of the population, but felons may find challenges due to their criminal background.

The Autozone application process

When applying to Autozone, they have a number of different opportunities that will be available to those who are interested in applying. As a felon, the part-time jobs working as stockers, salespeople, and parts delivery drivers could be very attractive for immediate employment on leaving prison.

As with most jobs that are available today, you will probably have to fill out an online application form and provide a number of personal details for a background check. This may include your name, address, contact information, social security number, and other personal identification information such as a driver’s license number. This will be used to identify you and run checks on your history.

You will also have to provide either a cover letter or answer a questionnaire about your working and personal history. Generally, this is for explaining that you are suitable for the position and have suitable experience and expertise with whatever role they are applying for.

Presenting yourself in a positive light here will be your first chance to make a positive impression that shows that you have changed since you committed a felony crime.

However, looking at their desired qualities that they expect of all employees, the felons will likely struggle to prove that they are honest. This will be a problem for as long as you have the felony charge on your record, however, there are ways to deal with these situations.

Does Autozone Hire Felons?

Does Autozone Hire Felons?

As the second-largest automotive retailer in America, there are ample chances for anyone to find a job in their stores. Finding a possible position may not be difficult, but you will need to show that you have changed since your felony charge in order to stand a chance.

The good news is, yes, Autozone does have a history of hiring felons for positions in their stores. If you fit their criteria for a reformed felon, then you may have as much of a chance as any other member of society, felon or not.

However, if you have committed a crime that is violent or sexual in nature, then you will likely be turned away from the position. Although they do accept that people change, these crimes are seen as some of the most heinous ones that anyone can commit. As such, they will not want a sex offender or violent felon working in their store as it can negatively affect business and drive customers away.

Also, due to the fact that you will be working in a retail environment, it is unlikely that you will be hired to work for them if you have a history of theft or forgery. If you cannot be trusted with stock or money, then you will likely not be trusted in any position and will be refused employment.

The background check at Autozone

You will have to undergo a background check at Autozone, you will need to be open and honest about your criminal past. This is a good idea for two reasons:

  1. In certain convictions, felons become required by law to declare that they have a felony charge on their record. Failing to do so will at best cause you to be automatically disqualified from the process. At worst, you could be brought before the courts again, now with a charge of fraud for failing to declare that you are a felon. Do not lie about your criminal past. You are unlikely to get away with it.
  2. Honesty is something that many people think felons are not capable of. If you cannot be honest in the application process, you will not do anything to change this perception. You may be turned down due to your criminal past, but if you are honest you may have a chance.

Even if you show up as having a criminal past, this does not mean that you will be turned down for the position. Like many employers, Autozone will consider a number of stipulations before making a decision.

  • The nature of the offense

If you have committed a violent, sexual, or theft crime, you are more likely to be turned down. These crimes have the potential to harm the company directly or indirectly.

  • The length of time since the conviction

If you committed the crime 20 years ago and have not reoffended, you are more likely to pass the application process. Although you are a felon, this does not mean that you will be judged poorly for being a reformed felon.

  • Work experience

Although any employee can be difficult to find after a felony charge, having work experience in any area related to the automobile sector will be a huge plus. This will show that you have the skills that are necessary for the job.

  • The skills of the applicant

Maybe you don’t have direct experience working with automobiles, but if you have experience working in customer service or any other applicable skills, you will give yourself a better chance.

Remember, even though you are a felon, it does not mean that you will instantly be turned down for a position at Autozone. They may prefer to take on an applicant without a felon charge, but you can be hopeful if you have lived positively since your release.

You can also improve your chances by getting an expungement or pardon as well, but this will need legal advice and help to be successful.

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