Can a Felon Get Health Insurance? (Health Insurance For Felons)


Can a Felon Get Health Insurance? (Health Insurance For Felons)

Can a Felon Get Health Insurance? Prisoners leaving the incarceration often fear for their future. Their chances to fit right back in the society are slim, and the stereotypes are widespread. Getting a job might seem impossible for them let alone a good one that covers health insurance.

Can a Felon Get Health Insurance? (Health Insurance For Felons)

While in prison, their health is insured and covered by the BOP: Bureau of Prisons.  BOP is in charge of over 195 thousand felons who are still serving their sentences.

BOP also covers the time of probation meaning if the felon is on home confinement, for example, they’re still under health insurance.

Now, what happens when the felon is no longer a probationer or a prisoner?

A Job: the Key Solution to Felon Healthcare

Most prisoners either didn’t have health insurance in the first place or lost it by losing their job while in prison or trial.

Now, BOP can cover them while in prison but what can they do once they go out?  Their best chance and option is to find a job that provides medical care.

This might sound scary and impossible for most felons. They know how judgmental people can be. They’re not wrong. Many worry about hiring an ex-convict.

But, this idea is slowly decreasing, and more people accept felons as employees.

If you’re an ex-con and looking for a job, then you can think about going back to school or getting training in a certain field. This helps with your resume very well.

Certain websites offer help in making a resume. Check them out too.

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An alternative: The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

If they can’t find a job or it takes too long, and their health is at risk then they should check the Affordable Care Act

Also known as Obamacare; this act passed in March 2010. It provided many changes in the health care system especially:

  • Low-income citizens and ones with pre-existing conditions can now have access to health care
  • Health care providers and high-income citizens are required to pay taxes
  • The state must provide healthcare for the disabled, pregnant women, and children as a part of the Medicaid

Plus, the states that passed the expansion are now required to provide insurance for low-income non-elderly citizens. This is why more than 5 million felons can have healthcare now.

Prisoners can sign up for Medicaid now if they’re eligible and they get out fully covered.

Why is it necessary to have medical care?

felon healthcare

Prisons are still even in 2018 lack in many health and hygiene-related areas. It’s a difficult life in there, and that shows when prisoners get out.

Most of them end up with chronic diseases and weak bodies and immune systems.

Those are the same people that have no medical care coverage. Even life expectancy is lower for felons than the rest of the population.

Plus, health care isn’t only beneficial for ex-prisoners but the whole society as well.

Many go to serve time in prison and come out with diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, and tuberculosis. It’s an unfair system in there and if the government fails to protect them inside we should protect the people outside.

These diseases are highly infectious and very damaging to society if spread. So, health care coverage can really help the felon and the people around them.

Having medical insurance is key also in the making of a good exemplary citizen. Good health means a better chance to fit right back in the society especially when it comes to getting a job.

Employment is a difficult quest for everyone so imagine how difficult it is for a felon in bad shape.

In the end, excellent physical and mental health means one more citizen back in prison. No one if found a good way t live will choose the wrong one.

Any felon should have healthcare

The world is cruel enough for any ex-convict, struggling with health shouldn’t be added to the list of daily challenges.

Prison is made to correct felons and assure them that they can’t harm anyone if they go out again. Sadly, that can only be guaranteed if the convict has medical insurance.

So, if you have anyone going out of prison soon, sign them up for Obamacare and make their life much more comfortable. They can apply while still in prison

If they are already out, help them find a job, write their resume with them, look for the offers that give healthcare, and encourage them to try again.

Healthcare is necessary for a felon to adjust back into society so help them in their way back and don’t give up on them.

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